December 7, 2015


How Animal view death


Animals have no fear of death. They are aware of the natural cycle of life, including their own dying. Every being have their own destiny, and everyone including animals die in different ways.


Most animals will prefer to die peacefully at home wi...

November 27, 2015




Grief is a reaction and responds to loss, particularly to someone, an animal, a thing or space that you are deeply bonded. Whether you lost a loved one including your pets, a relationship, a job, a business, a space, a health, a lifestyle or long-held dream,...


For most of us, the word “energy” calls to mind something that turns lights on and off, runs our cars, or is enhanced by vitamins. We don’t realize we are made of energy, and that we interact with people and animals on an instinctive, energetic basis. All living and n...

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All About Energy Healing

November 27, 2015

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