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Tibetan Mo Oracle

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Mo is a form of divination that is deeply rooted in the culture and religion of Tibet. It is used by the Tibetan people to make important decisions about health, work, or travel. The Mo prediction manual, composed by Jamgon Ju Mipham Gyatso, is based primarily upon the Kalachakra Tantra and supplementary explanations from the Ocean of Dakinis. The answers given by the Mo are regarded as coming from Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of wisdom.

Mañjuśrī is depicted as a male bodhisattva wielding a flaming sword in his right hand, representing the realization of transcendent wisdom which cuts down ignorance and duality. The scripture supported by the padma(lotus) held in his left hand is a Prajñāpāramitā sūtra, representing his attainment of ultimate realization from the blossoming of wisdom. Mañjuśrī is often depicted as riding on a blue lion, or sitting on the skin of a lion. This represents the use of wisdom to tame the mind, which is compared to riding or subduing a ferocious lion.

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Tibetan Mo Oracle Reading helps answe your doubts on relationship, business, money, love, investment, house moving, partnership, find lost pets and things
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MO Divination Services

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Amy, with a strong affinity for Bodhisattva Manjushri, has been practicing MO Divination for over 30 years. This practice has helped Amy and others, including animals, in resolving numerous life issues, always providing clear indications and guidance when in doubt.

You can consult the MO Oracle for insights into the following situations:

  • General Luck

  • Family Issues

  • Decision-making in buying or renting a house

  • Business and investment issues

  • Work-related issues

  • Money and investment issues

  • Marriage suitability and timing

  • Third-party issues in marriage or love relationships

  • Relationship issues with anyone

  • Success rate and right timing for new projects

  • Timing and safety for travel plans

  • Health and Wellness issues

  • Identifying the cause of illness for yourself or your pet

  • Psychic attack or demon influence

  • Finding missing people, animals, or items


Note: MO Reading is a divination to consult the divine for guidance and works well with pure and good motivation. Amy does not provide consultations for gambling or causing harm to others.

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Tibetan Mo Oracle

"The most important element in Divination generally seems to be that the practitioner must have a strong affinity to the particular method used. You either have it or you don’t - it is not something that can be developed. Like wisdom it is either there or it isn’t, you cannot generate or store or manipulate wisdom in the same way that you can knowledge. This is the same with healing, the method is not as important as the healer’s innate ability to heal"-by Minyur Dorje.


tibetan mo oracle reading by amylimhealing

I get to understand my life problems and able to resolve through Mo Oracle


tibetan mo oracle reading by amylimhealing

"After 17 years in a deeply committed relationship, I found myself at a crossroads, unsure of the right path forward. In my search for clarity and guidance, I turned to Amy and her MO Oracle divination. With her profound connection to Bodhisattva Manjushri and over two decades of experience in MO Divination, Amy provided me with the insight I desperately needed.

Through the MO Oracle, I gained a clear understanding of the situation and the best course of action. The guidance I received helped me navigate the emotional complexities and make a well-informed decision about parting ways. Amy's readings offered me the clarity and peace of mind I needed to move forward with confidence.

I am incredibly grateful to Amy and her MO Oracle for the invaluable insight during such a pivotal moment in my life. Her divine guidance illuminated my path and provided the support I needed to take this significant step. I wholeheartedly recommend Amy's services to anyone seeking profound and accurate divination."

- Sandy Janice

tibetan mo oracle reading by amylimhealing

It helps to provide right decision on career change. It is somethings i wish for and i have no confident to under. now i go for it.

- Chong Han

tibetan mo oracle reading by amylimhealing

I recently faced a challenging lawsuit that seemed insurmountable. In my search for guidance, I turned to Amy and her MO Oracle divination. Amy's deep connection with Bodhisattva Manjushri and her extensive experience in MO Divination provided me with a clear and precise indication of how to proceed.

Following the guidance from the MO Oracle, I approached my case with renewed confidence and a strategic mindset. Remarkably, the lawsuit was resolved in my favor, exactly as the MO Oracle had indicated. Amy's insight was invaluable, and her divine guidance illuminated the path to success during a very stressful time.

I am immensely grateful to Amy and her MO Oracle readings. They not only provided clarity but also instilled in me the peace and determination needed to overcome my legal challenges. I highly recommend Amy's services to anyone seeking profound and accurate divination."

- Denise Lee

tibetan mo oracle reading by amylimhealing

I found my cat again through Mo Oracle.It showed the directions for seach.
Thank you Amy

- Candy Ong

tibetan mo oracle reading by amylimhealing

I recently had an Oracle reading with Amy and it was an incredible experience. The insights and guidance I received were spot on and helped me gain clarity on some important decisions I needed make. I highly recommend Amy to anyone looking for spiritual guidance and support."

- Kumar,h

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