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Fees and Rates


Animal Communication


Puppy in Red Cushion

Distant Animal Communication


Using photos.

Issues such as health, behaviour or informing your beloved pets upcoming events such as new born, relocation , boarding or just want to tell them you love them.




$75 for 1  pet, 1 session 3 questions

$100 for 1 pet. 1session 5 questions

On site

Face to face


Animal Communication session

Face to face animal communication involve find out root cause of problems, interacting, bonding and healing.

Amy can travel to your location with additional travelling fees. 




$200 /hour for 1 pet plus transport

1 session up to 10 questions


Notes: Additional transport fee from $40 to $80 in Day

Additional transport fees in night and weekend due to surcharged

in taxi fares  

A girl and her dog



Animal Communication


Outdoor session can be in a park or cafe. (additional travelling fees) or if you travel to a park near Amy, no additional travelling fees.

It can also be at veterinary care center.





$180 per hour for 1 pet

1 session 10 questions

Venue: Jurong West

Energy Healing/
Distant session

Energy Healing


Animals/ pets


Energy Healing
Pet Massage
on site session
$200 per hour plus transport 

Animal Rainbow Bridge Services

Distant Communication


In this Distant Communication Session, Amy will channeled to meet your departed pet. All session include a mini card reading for the message your pet wants to tell you.


S100 per session for 5 questions.

Journeying  therapy




Connect with Departed Pet

In thi session, amy will guide you on a meditative journey to meet your beloved pet again. Together with a healing session to mend your energetic body, heal your grief and include mini card reading



include therapy room fee.


Animal Phowa



Memorial Ceremony

Phowa is ancient method from Tibet/Egypt  healing and prayers  to guide the soul of the animal to the rainbow bridge/ heaven/pure land. lights or you should called it. Ritual will be based on your belief system.   
Distant prayer session $90



Find Lost Pet


Divination an ancient ways to locate lost animals and objects.

Distant Session


for 1 session






Find Lost Pet 


Dowsing Reading

Dowsing an ancient ways to locate lost animals and objects through mapping

Distant Session 




Dowsing an ancient ways to get help for divine to answer

question for  health care, mental issue of pet, food allergies etc 

Distant Session 


for 3 questions




Soul Pet Reading

 Soul Mate Pet Reading ancient 2000 years reading helps to find out how is your pet related to you in past lives and how it will affect this life relationship. Reading based on both Date if Birth. 

Distant Session 






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