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Fees for Healing Services

All Sessions including Cleansing, Consultation and a complementry mini Card Reading worth $49

Chakra Healing by amylimhealing

Energy Healing with Chakra balancing Session

Basic Cleansing 1 hour session


Deep Cleansing 1.5 hour session


Energy Healing by amylimhealing

Distant Healing

30 minutes 


past life regression service by amylimhealing

{ast Life Regression 

2 hour session


spirit animal reading by amylimhealing
Connect with your Spirit Guide/
Totem Animal/

1.5 hour session


Soul journey healing by amylimhealing

Soul Journeying Session

1.5 hr session


soul purpose card reading by amylimhealing

Soul Retrieval 

1.5 hour session



Space Clearing

From $480 plus transport fees

About 2 hour session

Divination/ Readings

modivination services by amylimhealing

Tibetan Mo Oracle

Distant Reading $49
Face to Face $160

soulmate reading at amylimhealing

SoulMate Reading
remote session



dowsing services at amylimhealing

Intuitive Dowsing Reading.

Dowsing :$49 for 3 questions
Face to Face $160

Note: Additional $25/hour for therapy room fees for Face to Face session

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