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find lost pet testimonial amylimhealing
find lost pet testimonial amylimhealing

"Grateful for Every Step: Reflecting on the People and Animals Who Have Joined Us on Our Journey"

Established in the heart of Singapore, Amy Lim Healing is dedicated to promoting holistic well-being through mindfulness, energy, and natural therapies. Our mission is to empower individuals to nurture their bodies and souls, fostering a harmonious balance in life. 

We are incredibly grateful for all of our clients and the testimonials they have provided. Their kind words and support have helped us grow and improve our services. Thank you to all of our amazing clients!


"Amy compassion and understanding nature are very healing to those who are fortunate enough to know her"  

Wendy Carol (Psychic. Clairvoyant. Astrologer)​

";Amy is a very sensitive and talented healer with a gift for zeroing in on underlying problems. She has a deep commitment to her clients and heals from her heart. Amy is a fine therapist I would highly recommend to my own loved ones."


Nicola Quinn

Author, Life Without Panic Attacks

Co-Creator, EmoTrance

"Amy Lim was my student on The Genius Symbols course and then on the Project Sanctuary Masters program which she passed with distinction in 2011. Throughout, I have been deeply impressed by her selfless desire to help others heal and give of herself without holding back.​


She is a wonderfully talented person who applies herself 110% in each and every case to bring about healing and change with love and compassion. I enjoy her work so much and I'm so touched by it that I have published a number of her case stories for young students to read and learn from as a perfect example of how to do this work.​


​If there is something that troubles your heart and soul, I can't think of a more supportive, talented and wonderful healer to recommend than Amy Lim. She has a heart of gold and will do everything in her power to assist you."


-Dr Silvia Hartmann, England

Testimonials For Energy Healing Session

"I was skeptical at first, but after just a sessions with [healer's name], I felt a significant improvement in my physical and emotional well-being. gentle approach and deep understanding of the body's natural healing abilities made all the difference. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a holistic approach to healing."-Danny London

More Testimonials

Clement Lim


''I had a very good first session and meeting with Amy. She is a kind and sincere healer and therapist. Her ability to lend patient listening ears and sensitive to others feelings brings a calming effect. And her approachable nature make me feel comfortable and even at casual chatting, she tries to understand you from her heart and response to your needs. Would recommend her to anyone interested in her service."



""Amy was very professional and caring and I felt safe as she guided me through the meditation. I can recommend Amy to anyone wishing for a great energy worker...." 


Lih Chyun,


"I enjoyed Amy’s teachings and healing tremendously.   I felt positive and relaxed after the first healing session and it was a wonderful and happy experience for me.  Amy is someone who is very cheerful and helpful . She finds out and understands the situation to provide the relevant solutions and advice.  Thank you Amy for the healing and teachings. 

Animal Communication Workshops

"I recently attended the animal communication workshop and it was truly life-changing. Amy was knowledgeable and patient, and the exercises were both fun and enlightening. I now feel more connected to my and have a deeper understanding of their needs and emotions. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their furry friends."

-Esther SG

Dog Treats
Animal Communication Workshops testimonial by amylimhealing

"Amy is a great teacher. She shares and makes learning fun and enjoyable. I have learn a lot attending this workshop especially on how to feel energy during the walk in Botanical Garden. Thanks Amy for her guide throughout this workshop."

Elmo, Singapore 


Animal Communication Workshops testimonial amylimhealing

"Amy is a very patient teacher. She will answer all your questions and never irritated you. She take care of all the students' progress to make sure we all can catch up the lesson. After the workshop, i found that i m can control my energy well . The most important is i found peaceful and forgiveness."

Mum Wong, Kuala Lumpur.

Animal Communication Workshops testimonial amylimhealing

"Learning animal communication from the warm, gifted and engaging Amy lim was such a delight. It is clear she has a deep connection with Mother Earth. God bless!"

-Mita Bhan, India

Holistic Healer


Amylimhealing testimonials

Find Lost Pet Testimontials

""We have found Winston! Thank you so much for your guidance. He was 500lm away as you said. He is alive and well but stolen by a woman. He is now home with his owner. Blessing to you.XXX" by Winston's mom from USA

find lost pet testimonial amylimhealing

Dr Surya, Kumar

Dear Amy,


I am writing to you to thank you for the help and hope you  gave my family and I when we lost our cat on Saturday 17 May 2014.

Through Randy Lim of CWS, we contacted you and you managed to assess that our cat Baby was not far from our home.

Although we did all we could to find her for the next few days, it was only on Wednesday 21 May that we found her.

She was indeed only 2 houses away in a small drain hole.

Thanks you very much for your help. You gave us hope and belief to not give up.

I wish you all the best and please keep helping others in difficult situations.

find lost pet testimonial amylimhealing

Lina Rahman

We were very skeptical of animal communicators. When we lost our precious Abang, our 1 year old cat, we went out searching for him for 3 days and sleepless nights. When a lady advised us to contact Amy, once again we weren't sure but eventually we tried as we were getting very worried. Amy was calm and no hassles. She advised us later where to search for him and even advised us that Abang wasn't in the hands of an abuser. With her advise, we head out early morning to search for him and found him less than 24 hours (In fact less than 12 hours!).Thank you Amy. You've made our life whole again. Y

find lost pet testimonial amylimhealing


Sandy ran off when my mother forgotten to close the gate. We was recommended by facebook friend to look for Amy after a week. She told us she headed north of the house and to search some greenish area, We manage to find him after 2 days of search. She is indeed with a friend as indicated by her. 

Pet Memorial Services and Connect with Departed Pet Session 

Amylimhealing testimonials

'"Thtough Amy's shamanic Journey to connect with my departed pet, I see her and I know is real." Maylee

Blue Skies
animal communication Amylimhealing testimonials

"My female dog passed away suddenly last week. I saw how painful it was for her but did not react until it was too late.

I was grieving over her death and feeling guilty for not responding quick enough to prevent her death.

During the session with Amy, she listened and offered advice on dealing with pet loss. This was followed by energy healing and connection with my departed dog.

I gained a sense of peace after the session. It helped me to remember the happier memories and moments with my dog.

I am thankful to Amy for helping me through this difficult grieving process." Maggie 

Blue Sky
connect with departed pet testimonials amylimhealing

Amy, thanks for helping me today. When he passed away last week. It was sudden, and i was unhappy, because i saw how painful he is , he went too quickly before i can even talk to him. But after a session of guided meditation today, my worry is gone for me. I just felt warmth and happy because, he is no longer suffering."-Edward

Blue Skies
connect with departed pet testimonials amylimhealing


My dearest baby boy, Ray Ray passed on suddenly beginning of June. We are so closely bonded and I was shocked and could not believe my baby is gone.
I know he will be going to a safe and happy place at the rainbow bridge. But, I was worried if he will be able to find his way there smoothly and if my beloved baby girl, who is at the rainbow bridge will help me take care of Ray Ray.

I decide to ask Amy to help me arrange a family memorial service for Ray Ray to ensure he had gone to a better place.
My hubby, Darlene (Ray Ray's BFF and also a Bunny) and I attended his memorial Service. It was a simple and peaceful service. Amy felt Ray Ray and even Daliah's presence throughout the service.  After the service, all of us felt peaceful and happy, even Darlene!
Next, Amy guided me to connect with my baby boy. It was a smooth journey and within minutes, I connected with Ray Ray. I can see how happy my baby boy is, blinking and hopping around, playing with other bunny friends. My baby girl Daliah was there too. I even saw my Tango boy who passed on 2 years ago! I was so happy that all of them are happy and well.
Thank you Amy for guiding me to see all my dearest babies. I am really glad to know all my babies are well.''

By Maureen Spore.

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