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All About Energy Healing

Energy Healing combines scientific knowledge of the body with an intuitive understanding of the flow of body energy. Amy’s way of healing is a combination of therapies like spiritual healing, energy field work, EmoTrance, chakra cleaning, colours and light healing, sound healing, breath work and core shamanic practice include journeying, soul retrieval, etc. help focus on strengthen and balancing your energy systems.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy is the vital life force thought to transcend time and space and permeate all phenomena. Every ancient, traditional and indigenous spiritual and healing system in the world recognizes and uses the concept of vital energy, also known as the Universal life force, or it can called prana, chi, qi or ki. These life force energies flow from the universe into all bodies, through your chakra and distribute chi throughout the body. These chakras are the body’s energy stations. Each regulates an aspect of your personality and devotes its energy to important tasks. This is your energy body system and any blocked and imbalances of the flow will create illness and disease.

You are a little universe. Your mind, body and spirit are inter-connected so do everything in the body. If any part of your universe is affected, it will affect all parts of you and cause imbalance energy that contribute to illness. Physical systems and diseases are generally the last place that an energetic imbalance shows up. Often when illness shows up, it is a way that your body calls your attention to a life issue you have ignored too long.

All things are permeated by a spiritual essence and that disease is a symptom of imbalance of that spiritual essence. Addressing a problem’s energetic causes can be a useful part of treatment plan. If you have been long suffering from an emotional or physical health issues, but still unable to cure from traditional medication. It may be times for you to look at it in an energetic or spiritual way.

There are many possible factors that can contribute to illness and diseases. Often, it is caused by a combination of mental, physical and energetic factors. Our thoughts and emotions are always the root causes of disease, and together with other factors such as sleep, diet, breath, exercises, environment, relationship and our habits can affect our well-being. Such as stress is known to contribute to heart disease and stiffness in the joint may indicate rigid attitudes as well as arthritis. Our thoughts and emotions are always the root causes of disease, and together with other factors such as sleep, diet, breath, exercises, environment, relationship and our habits can affect our well-being.

How it helps in an Energy Healing session?

Working with your body’s energy is an accessible and safe form of healing because actually all healing is self-healing. The healer is your mirror to help you discover and reflect your problems, assist you in connecting with your own divinity or energy mind to allow healing to take place. Energy healing is not bound by times and spaces, Remote or Distant healing has the same effective measurements.

Another advantage in an Energy Healing session is that it allows you to understanding the energetic forces related to your health problems accelerates your healing by helping you make better decisions about treatment plans and lifestyle issue. Energy Healing help improve your current health and also take preventive measures that can help you stay healthy in the future

Each Healing session is unique and specially tailored to your needs as every individual has unique energy system, problems and health issues. It may consist of one or more healing modalities as mention above depend on your needs.

Basic Energy Healing will involve with scanning, cleansing, healing your energy body and chakra systems. Follow by a rejuvenations healing to promote

beauty, health and wellness.


Energy Healing is not a substitute for traditional medical care, however, it can help in several ways. Many studies have shown that when clients used combination of both alternative Energy Healing and Medical Therapies achieved fast and most reliable results.

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