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Energy Etheric Cord

Etheric cords are energetic cord attach from our chakras to people as well as animals, inanimate objects and places where we have a relationship. Etheric cords are mostly attaching to our parents, siblings, current lovers or ex-lovers, children, close friends, our pets and house. You may have lost contact with these people in your life but the unhealthy cord remains attach to you. This may cause you a drain of energy not knowing why because the person or animal to whom you attached are drawing energy from you. ​

Unhealthy and painful relationships may cause you weight and pain in your energy body that may cause your pain and uncomforting in your physical body. All these unhealthy relationships are caused by fears and attachment, by cutting the enteric cords and release them, so you can experience peace and love again.

Medicine Buddha or Archangel Michael is the powerful divine beings to help you cut of those unhealthy energetic cords that connect you to the other party that drain your energy. This is especially for people that want to have a clean breakup of relationship with a lover, it will help you forget the person faster and move on with life. If you are suffering from a loss of loved one or a beloved pet and left you feel emotionally disturbance and hard to carry on normal life, cutting the etheric code will help too. Regular cutting of the etheric cords keeps your energy light and peaceful. Id you need a Etheric cord cutting, please email Amy at

Medicine Buddha is the king of medicine and his compassionate energies are famous for healing the wounds in our body, spirit and mind.

Archangel Michael is the leader of archangel. His role is to protect humanity and to lend his 'legions of lighst' in their battle against evil forces. He is often seen carying a sword, who is powerful in protection and cutting ties.

"Michael4" by Michael Jaletzke - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

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