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Grief is a reaction and responds to loss, particularly to someone, an animal, a thing or space that you are deeply bonded. Whether you lost a loved one including your pets, a relationship, a job, a business, a space, a health, a lifestyle or long-held dream, grieving is a natural process that enables us to work through the process of natural emotions to arrive in the end of acceptance and restored peace, love and harmony again.

No one will really understand how you are feeling as bereavement is a highly individual as well as a complex experience and no two people respond the same way to the losses associated with the death of a loved one.

Grieving is like waves of the ocean; the mixed emotions and feeling will come and go naturally; your mood and energy will feel like high tide sometimes and other times low. Someday you feel more hurt and after a good cry, you may feel better and healed. Then suddenly something trigger you and all the emotion and memories came back like hit by a high wave tide, and the process started again.

This is very normal, do not feel bad about yourselves or listen to what others expect you to do. No one will really understand how you go through; you are unique you and take you time to heal. It is important who you talk to, it may make you feel better or drain you even more.

Grieving is a very important lesson for us, if we don’t take time to grieve, the energy around the loss will build up inside us and causing disharmony in our body, mind and spirit. If left untreated, we may develop illness and other problems that affect our daily life.

The Nation Psychologist (newspaper) reported "Traumatic grief symptoms seldom diminish after the second half of the first year following loss. Symptoms may actually increase as time goes on. Subjects with traumatic grief are at increased risk of developing cancer and other illnesses. Should grief remain unresolved, this vulnerability becomes part of the individual’s nervous system, hardwired, so to speak, in the neurochemical substrate."

In our modern society, most of us will not give ourselves time to grieve and heal. We will keep ourselves busy to get on with life quickly. We try to hide our feeling and emotions, and this shut down our heart. This caused blockages for us in giving and receiving love. These people often think they are strong and have healed, but any times something trigger them; the loss feeling will come back again. Because they have chosen deny facing with losses. Only when you accept loss, that is love and healing will take place.

If you need Grief Healing Support or someone to talk to , you can have a healing session to assist you to move on life faster. Healing is a way to help you open your heart, clear and let go of energy that hold you back from life. All grieving we experience in life are spiritual lessons, many that have healed from the journey gains insight and make positive transformation in their path. Amy’s passion is to hope healing can assist you learn to accept loss, positive transform, find new meaning in life and feel love again.

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