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How Animals View Their Death?

How Animal view death

Animals have no fear of death. They are aware of the natural cycle of life, including their own dying. Every being have their own destiny, and everyone including animals die in different ways.

Most animals will prefer to die peacefully at home with their family around. Sometimes they choose to die without your presence because they need a smoother transition for the highest good for everyone. When we love our pets, we shall always think for them for their highest good. But sometime your love turned into an attachment and burden for your pet that prevent her from dying when the physical body cannot hold their soul anymore. That is why some pets stay bed-ridden for very long times in pain because the owner energetically hold on to them. Your sadness, worry and crying may bring them pain and unable to die peacefully when their time to pass on.

When their times are up, they need to feel safe and without worrying for their owner so they can departed with peace and love. If we love them and know that their bodies are breaking down and time is up, we shall give them permission to die. Tell your pet if she needs to go, go in peace and you will always love her and take care of yourself. This will help the animal go in peace. If you need assistance, Animal Communication session can help you truly say farewell and understand your pet need and want on their final journey here.

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