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Is being an animal of lower karma and Suffering?

Many times people will ask me that born as an animals are of lower karma and why do our pets choose to come back as animals? I believe all our animals have a strong karmic link with us that why they choose to come and share their life with us and growth together. They are never lower beings to me; they are even more enlightened than us. If you’re looking for Buddha, look at your pets, they are always living in the now, they are still, spacy and being. Being in love always, being to live life in fullness. They have not evil and negatives thoughts, they get angry but forgive quickly; they fall sick but never have the thoughts of sufferings. In the other words, they think simple and do not make assumptions of good and bad in their experiences.

I have been very fortunate to able to meet with many animals during the last moment of their life. Even their bodies are very frail but their spirit never dies. They live in grace to the last moment of their breath, they have never has a thoughts they are suffering. Only human has suffering because we make assumptions and give meaning to things based on our perceptions which are unreal.

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