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Why animal choose it physical form and become our pet?

Be it a dog, cat, bird, fish or mouse, our animal companions came to our life to teach, share and learn about love in life. No matter what form the animals is, there is a beautiful soul behind this form that provides us unconditional love and many other attributes to help us grow. They are our pets, companions, teachers and healers. Every animal is individual and each animal came to our life in different forms and phrases of our life to help us learn and grow spiritually. For example, you may learn to be more joyful with a happy dog or may learn to love and provide care to a sick animal. If you opened your heart and observe, there are so much we can learn from them.

When you choose an animal and provide her love and care, a part of your soul opened up. Your animals love you regardless of your look, your statue, and the amount of money you have, the relationship are usually simple, pure and uncomplicated. They are here to provide you beauty, simplicity and unconditional love. The relationships that we share with our pets cannot get from human companions, because human to human relationships are complicated and many times involved the Ego of two people. Human and animals relationships are simple and uncomplicated that why they often touch our souls and bring out the goodness in us.

Spiritually speaking, most animal companions are teaching us to live in the present and reminds us the cycle of life such as living and dying.

Most pets normally live shorter than us (except some parrots have long life span) and we are the one to witness their entire life cycle. Most people especially children, pets are the first encounter of death in their life. Facing death of a beloved pet is heart-breaking experience but it also helps us to grow stronger and enable us to cope better during death of other loved ones and at own death.

Some believe that our pets usually die before us as their mission is to guide us for transition when our death is near. Many people that have near death experiences had witnessed their pets especially dogs and horses, appear in their trance state, dream or vision during their last moment in life.

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