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Shamanic Journeying Singapore


Journeying is originates from shamanism more than thousands year ago. Shamanism is non-religious and one of the oldest spiritual practices in the world. One of the core activities of shamanism is Journeying. Shamanic Journey is an altered conscious journey, it is like dreaming but you are awake and conscious of your vision.


The ancient indigenous people believe that all illness, whether physical, emotional or psychological, come from an illness of the spirit of us.  It may be due to karma, ancestral karma, soul loss, psychic intrusions, or other spiritual causes that could be caused to be contributing to illness.


The essence of shamanic journey healing concerns the spiritual removal of aspects of a person that shall not be there, and returning those spiritual parts that should. This is often done with a spiritual being such as power animal or sprit guides.


Soul Journeying to otherworld is a powerful way to gains insights, into problem-solving, to assist healing, to seek allies, just to relax and feel uplifting, or want to know who you are

and know your life purpose.


About Soul Journeying


Soul Journeying is a combination of shamanic and hypnotherapy to achieve healing, awakening of soul and understanding our life purposes. Amy found this is the most profound healing as it works from getting answers direct from our energy mind or creator.


Our energy mind or subconscious is like the computer, it stores all data of our past lives and present lives memories and programmes it to help us work our life smoothly. By turning inwardly to work in harmony with our energy mind, we can optimise our life by deleting unwanted memories; sort out unfinished business or break unwanted or negative habits. 


Soul Journeying helps to heal your spirit through journeying and enable you to connect to your energy mind, Great Spirit, god, universe, or whatever name you give to the creator. They are all one, our creator or the source; it is the trick of the mind that creates the sense of separation.


In journeying, the creator assists you in mending any rift in your relationship with spirit, finding out the causes of imbalance in your life. When you have answers to the underlying problems, it will also bring healing to our spirit, mind and body. This is a deep healing that will transform your life, know who you are, gain new perceptions, overcome obstacles and see yourself as healed, whole and complete.


Soul Journeying to otherworld is a powerful way to gains insights, into problem-solving, to assist healing, to seek allies, just to relax and feel uplifting, or want to know who you are. It can help in all these purposes:


  • Soul Retrieve

  • Gain Insight

  • Connect with spiritual guides such as Angels, Bodhisavattes, Animal Guides and Ancestral guide.

  • Find out your soul purpose

  • Past life Regression

  • Change your history

  • Change Habits

  • Connect with your Departed pets and loved ones.

  • Assist healing in body, mind and spirit.

  • Find lost part

  • Improve performance

  • Meet Your Future Self










Shamanic Journeying Singapore

Features Soul Journeying

Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide

Shamanic Journey works on using imaginary, visioning and visualization skill to interactive with the environment, it is action-oriented and power-based. In shamanic Journeying you mobilize energy through your thoughts and emotions and send it out to intercede with the forces that exist in the world. Shamanic Journey is an inner quest aims to find out who you really are and to connect to your true spirit, solve problems etc.


Power Animals, also known as animal spirit guides or totems.

During the journey, you will be guided to meet your animals guide, this guide will help you in daily work, vision, increase creativity, improve performances, clear obstacles and healing. The type of animal appears during the meditation is a symbolic message. Each animal represents one or more character traits and is of significance to you.


Getting to know your Animal Guides will not only help you progress in your spiritual journey​​ and your animal guide will provide you wisdom in problems solving, improve performances in work and your everyday life issues. Many have benefit from this kind of healing in many areas of their life. 


During the Healing Session, you will get to meet your Animal Guide and Amy will work with your guide to help you solve your current issues. After the session, she will advise you on ways to improve the relationship and connectivity with your guides to gain more wisdom.

Connect with Departed Pet 

Connect with Departed Pet

Journeying to meet your  Departed Beloved Pet  Again. A Heart-warming and Healing Experience for all Pet Lovers. 

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