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Amy Lim -Visionary Energy Healer and Animal Communicator


Visionary Spiritual Healer/Yogini/ Healing & Spiritual Yoga Coach/
Animal Communicator/Divinatin Reader/Workshop Facilitator

Amy Lim is a Visionary Spiritual Healer and Yogini, Animal Communicator, Divination Reader and Workshop Facilitator in Singapore. She is a modern medicine woman and spiritual warrior; she has a strong connection to ancient mysteries, coupled with an intense compassion, love and care for Mother Nature and all her inhabitants. Her intuitive and inherent wisdom normally help people able to realise their own inner power and allow self-healing to take place. She gives human, animals, plants, the elements and the landscape equal respect, believing in a connection between all living things, as well as rocks, sand, sea and earth. Love for animals, healing and magic was her deepest passion.


 Amy does private sessions in healing and releasing emotions, dense energies that obstruct harmonious flow in body, mind and spirit for people and animals.  Her healing arts is incorporated with new age, ancient wisdoms and the nature way.  She used western hypnotherapy and ancient healing wisdoms to release old block energies and shift out mental and physical affected symptoms such as fear, anxiety, grief, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, addictions and habits.


As a child, Amy was already behaved like an old soul and had been listening and giving guidance to adult and friends. Her inherited empathy nature made her natural sensitivity to understand people and animals’ emotion and pain; many troubled friends and adults will just talk to her and able to feel uplifting and healed in certain way. She has gone through a series of initiations and learning of Energy Medicine, Spirituality, Healing Arts, Divination and Metaphysics including death and rebirth experiences and as a result has gained compassion, wisdom, and a powerful capacity for healing. She has an in-depth study of how our emotions, conscious and subconscious mind, nature and elements, environmental forces, negativities energies affected our health and wellness.   She is competent, unselfish on sharing and enjoy guiding others, whether physical or internal terrain.  She also facilities private and group workshops on Animal Communication, Healing and Intuition development classes.


Amy Spiritual Journey started........

Amy Lim -Visionary Energy Healer and Animal Communicator

Amy’s spiritual journey started as a child and connected with her animal spirit guide enable her to journeying to other dimensions of existence for healing and problem solving. She was not aware that was shamanic journeying till her later learnings.  


Amy lost her connection with her guide at her adolescent.  During her late 20, due to poor diet, unhealthy emotions and stressed life style, she suffered from imbalance of chi and her limbs became immobilized.  She overcome her illness and strengthens her body through a series of self-healing in conjunction with ancient Energy Healing  . This made her fascinates with chi and energy and drove her endless learning of Energy Healing.


Over the years she has acquisitions of the following wisdoms:


20 over years of learning and practicing shamanism, Tao, Vajrayana, Zen, metaphysics, chi, energy healing, acupressure, chakra and meridians points. And for the last 10 years she began her shamanic connection and went deeper study of Animal Communication, touch therapy, healing, journeying, past life regression and psychopomp for animal. Lately, she has certified from hypnotherapy, and fascinated learning human and pet psychology and NLP to provide substantial healing wisdoms for her human and pet clients.

What people say about Amy?

Amy Lim -Visionary Energy Healer and Animal Communicator

Nicola Quinn Author, Life Without Panic Attacks Co-Creator, EmoTrance

Amy is a very sensitive and talented healer with a gift for zeroing in on underlying problems. She has a deep commitment to her clients and heals from her heart. Amy is a fine therapist I would highly recommend to my own loved ones.

Wendy Carol (Psychic. Clairvoyant. Astrologer)​ ​

Amy compassion and understanding nature are very healing to those who are fortunate enough to know her
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Be is soul, fur, feather or fin, Amy's magic derives from all that move in harmony with the earth. From the mightiest predator to the meekest prey, all are equal to her. Loyal like the wolf, gentle like a deer, compassionate as the dolphin and wise as an owl, Amy's spirit runs the gamut of intelligence and emotion. The animal kingdom is her domain, and it is there she find herself the strongest in her animal magic...and healing.

Amy Lim and Animals

Amy Lim has 36 Years of Animal Care Experiences experiences working with fins, furs, and feathers companions.

Amy Lim -Visionary Energy Healer and Animal Communicator

Over the years, she has been through many difficulties, disappointment and suffered great loss of loved ones left her deeply wounded in body, mind and soul. Though these sufferings, she developed empathy, wisdom and power to heal others. The passing of her beloved corgi Benji left her in depression. This painful event helps her reunited with her guide and unveil her mission of using healing and animal communication to help people and animal progress in their path.


She witnessed people and pets living in urban life that disconnected with nature, causing disharmony in their body system and developed illness and diseases. Most of the people and pets’ health issues are caused by emotional stress and negatives thoughts. She went through those paths and healed by Energy medicine.


Her passion is to share and inspired more people and pets to benefit in Energy medicine, and to live a healthy life with harmony to Mother Nature. Her way of healing is to find the root cause of illness and let self-healing takes place. Our body will healed themselves if we are able to communicate with them and allow them to heal. Her passion to work with pet healing is to use natural healing remedies to improve and maintain your pet’s good health, enhance a loving and peaceful energy, and strengthen pet-owner bond.

Many times having a communication session with aging pets can provide comfort for both human and pets. Knowing the animal's final wishes and fulling it will be the best gifts you are offering to your beloved companion and yourself.


Lately, Amy has been focusing on doing final communication with dying session and departed pets communication for pets and their owner. She has gone through the pains and has found it very meaningful to conduct such a session. Many people and pets have been benefit from such a session.



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