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Animal Communication with amylimhealing

Animal Communication

Animal communication by amylimhealing
Animal communication by amylimhealing
Animal communication by amylimhealing
Animal communication by amylimhealing
Animal communication by amylimhealing
Animal communication by amylimhealing

“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”
― A.D. Williams

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"We are not only pets.
We belong to be part of the family.
We deserve love and care,
Just like anyone in the  family.
Love us? Must learn to understand us"
voices from pets

Animal Communication

"Unlock the secrets of your pet's thoughts and feelings with our animal communication services. Discover the natural ability of your furry friend to communicate with you on a deeper level."

Communication is a natural ability possessed by all living beings, including animals, plants, and humans. We all have the capacity to communicate nonverbally through an exchange of images, a sense of knowing, thoughts, feelings, and sensations. This is the essence of Animal Communication.

Humans have developed verbal skills to such a high degree that we've placed little emphasis on this intuitive gift. We often refer to it as a “hunch,” “a feeling,” “inner knowing,” or a “coincidence.” However, animals are very intuitive, and Animal Communication is very natural to them.

Animals don't need to attend workshops to learn how to communicate telepathically; they do it naturally as part of their way of interacting with others. They constantly pick up our intuitive messages, regardless of distance or time frame.

This is why Distant Animal Communication Sessions are just as effective as on-site, face-to-face sessions.

Animal Communication

"Unlock the mysteries of the animal kingdom with our expert guide. Discover the secrets of their language and deepen your connection with the natural world. Join us on a journey of discovery and understanding."

Animals are not humans, and we cannot expect them to think like us. However, they do have emotions and feelings similar to ours. Anyone who has ever kept a pet—whether it's a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, bird, fish, or terrapin—knows that animals have feelings and emotions. After living with humans for a period, they absorb our energy and become more like us. They develop their own characters and personalities, and they have their own interests, likes, and dislikes.

We love our animal companions and often pamper them, treating them like children. That's why pets with fur are called "furkids," and birds are called "feathered kids." There's nothing wrong with loving them like family, but it's important to remember they are not humans. If we raise them as if they are human, they may lose touch with their natural instincts and develop behavior problems and illnesses similar to those seen in humans.

Humans use rational thinking in life, but animals live by their natural instincts. Many common behavior problems in pets are caused by misunderstanding or treating them in ways that go against their natural way of living.

Our pets love us and often do not want to disappoint us. However, they can become confused by what we expect from them when it contradicts their natural instincts. This can lead to repeated unwanted behaviors, causing the animals to be scolded, beaten, abandoned, or to run away due to fear and stress. They may act according to their instincts, such as fleeing or biting when afraid. They may become destructive due to stress or loneliness, or even make themselves sick because of negative energies they can't handle.

Often, we misunderstand their behavior issues, which can lead to further deterioration of their health and well-being. Some animals are abandoned simply because humans can't understand them. Ultimately, they may choose to run away because they have difficulty fitting into our lives.

Cat Cuddles

Animal Communication

"A bridge to connect with ourt Beloved Animal Companion."

Having animal companions brings us great joy and unconditional love. We love our animal companions. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know their thoughts, feelings, and emotions?

  • Do you want to know if they are really happy?

  • Do you want to understand how they think about you?


Why do we want to communicate with animals? Because we love them and want to enhance their lives. Understanding them enables them to live happier and healthier lives.

Animal Communication serves as a bridge between animals and their owners, fostering better understanding. Our animal companions are constantly communicating with us; giving them a chance to speak up can resolve many unwanted issues. You may be surprised that many problems are caused by simple misunderstandings.

Animal Communication can help us understand each other's needs and wants. It strengthens the bond between humans and their pets, allowing us to live in peace, joy, and harmony.

When  Do You Need an Animal Communication Session?

Animal communication by amylimhealing

1 Improve Your Animal Companion’s Quality of life


Understanding your animal companion's feelings and emotions is crucial to improving their quality of life. By their needs, wants, likes, and dislikes, you can ensure they are happy and healthy, which can lead to a longer and more disease-resistant life. Let us help you learn more about your furry friend and how to keep them happy and healthy.

2. Animal Communication helps to Improve Relationships between Owner and Animal Companions


If you're looking to strengthen the bond between you and your companion, consider an Animal Communication session. This can be a fun and enlightening way for your pet to express themselves and for you to better understand their needs. For those with multiple pets, this can also help promote harmony and acceptance in the home. With a deeper understanding of your pets, you can create a more loving and peaceful environment for everyone.

Animal communication by amylimhealing
 Communication for sick pets by amylimhealing

3 Use Animal Communication to Inform Your Animal Companions of up Coming Event.


It's important to understand that most animals thrive on routine and can feel stressed and unloved when there are drastic changes in their daily life. If you're experiencing a change in residence, family status, work schedule, or are considering rehoming your pet, consider scheduling an Animal Communication session to inform them of the changes. By being honest respectful with your animal companion, you can show them your love and appreciation for their unconditional love and support

4. Animal Communication helps to Resolve Unwanted Animal Behaviors Issues


Animal behavior issues are very common and often stem from misunderstandings or mistreatment. Many animals end up abandoned or abused due to these unresolved problems. Understanding the root causes of behavior problems is the most profound way to solve them. Common behavior issues such as excessive barking, biting, chewing, hyperactivity, overeating, or eating too little can be caused by stress, feeling unloved, being over-pampered, fear, anxiety, depression, physical pain, or mental unwellness.

Animal Communication can help provide a clearer picture of the behavior issues, allowing you to find better remedies to resolve them.

Note: Amy is not an animal trainer and is not in a position to correct or train your pet’s behavior. She can only use Animal Communication to help you understand your pets better and point out the underlying issues so you can seek appropriate remedies. By addressing behavior problems, you can enhance the relationship with your companion animal and prevent further damage.


 Communication behaviours issues by amylimhealing
Animal communication by amylimhealing

5. Animal Communication can help in Improve Wellness and Health

If you notice that your animal companion is behaving differently than usual, such as being more reserved, refusing to play or be touched, eating or drinking more or less, or hiding frequently, it may be a sign of underlying health issues. It is advisable to take your pet to a veterinarian to rule out any health problems. If no specific health issues are found, your pet may be experiencing mental distress due to fear, stress, nervousness, or anxiety. Animal communication can help you understand how your pet is feeling.

6. When Your Animal is dying, animal communication helps in farewell moments


The dying process especially can be transformed into much profound experience; the person can feel more peace and acceptance of his or her animal companiont’s passing, There is often much guilt and fear when an animal companion might be close to death. Using an Animal Communication session at those times can help people assuage their guilt and make the “letting go” much easier for both. Most owners want to know the last words of their beloved animal companion and made great effort to honour them before the animal passed on. Animal Communication is only a vehicle for animals to speak their wishes from their heart, sometimes the animal's thinking may not consider realistic and at some circumstances that you cannot fulfil them, please do not feel bad about it. We can always do our best but not blindly. Owner shall take into consideration of their animal's final wish but decision is on the owner part. This is to respect the free-will of animals and human.

Animal communication by amylimhealing
 Communication for dying pets singapore by amylimhealing

7. Animal Communication can also help when your Animal has died

When an animal passes away or dies suddenly, it is still possible to stay in touch with them, though it is recommended to wait until after the third day of their passing to avoid interfering with their transition journey. Another option for caregivers is the Journeying Healing, where Amy can guide you to meet your pet for a final farewell.

Animal Communication can be instrumental in helping us accept our pet's death and navigate the grieving process. Often, these sessions end with a sense of comfort and warmth, providing solace during a difficult time.

In an Animal Communiation Section

Animals, like us, have feelings and emotions, and they deserve to be respected and treated with dignity. They are constantly communicating with us, but we often don't listen. Animals appreciate being informed in advance about changes in their lives. Some animals are very talkative, while others are quieter and may be afraid to share their secrets. Just like humans, some animals take time to open up to strangers.

Animal Communicator Amylim is compassionate and patient with all animals. She communicates with slow, soft, and encouraging words, combined with touch and sound healing, to help animals relax and feel comfortable. This approach enables animals to speak up. Amy can communicate in English, Mandarin, and most major dialects.

The Animal Communication sessions with Amy are usually fun and enjoyable. She explains the animal's messages clearly and shares pet care and healing tips with the owner. Amy integrates energy work and healing with Animal Communication, benefiting many animals and pets by restoring balance and harmony. Often, animals feel relieved after expressing themselves, and owners gain understanding and insights into their pets.

Amy's greatest passion is to help animals and their owners understand each other better and strengthen their bond. The Animal Communication sessions can be conducted in various ways:

  • Private Animal Communication sessions (Amy will travel to your home, with additional transport fees)

  • Distant Animal Communication sessions (using photos)

  • Outdoor Animal Communication sessions (in parks or cafes)


To schedule an appointment, you can email Amy at or send a message via SMS or WhatsApp at 90013828.

There is no negative side to try on Animal communication and it can be great fun.

You will get  to understand your animal more, understand their unknown personality, emotional state and health condition.

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Animal Communication
and Healing

Animal communication by amylimhealing
Animal communication by amylimhealing

"Thank you Amy for comin by. Was sceptical initially but you were able to tell me stuffs abt the girls which not many know."....  Ivy Singapore

Animal Communication testimonials

"After i got fluffy for about half a year, I was very interested and curious how is fluffy doing. questions such as is he happy? is he doing well? what does he like to eat? i came across amy animal healing communication session, and decided to try it out. overall session is good as i get to understand fluffy better now!"...Zann Singapore

 Communication testimonials

''Thank you so much for the help & your kindness compassion towards Oscar. You have done us a great favourite, at least we know what he wants and we will try our best to fulfill his wishes. We will update you his conditionsa nd nice to meet you too.

God Bless! " Penny

Communication testimonials

"Amy is a very talented animal communicator who helped me sort out problems between both my bunnies. She answered so many questions I had about my pets, focused on their problems to resolve them and also followed up with me after the session. She also did a very accurate soul reading for me and I'm looking forward to attending her workshop on animal communication!" - Jessica 


Animal communication by amylimhealing

Jane  B.

I finally know why my cat is so unhappy.  I have made adjusrment of her sleeping
area and  she is happier now.
She has stop biting her brother and we gace a peace of mnd.
Thks Amy!

Animal communication by amylimhealing

June and her 17 years old dog

Thank you Amy for today. He walked further today when I brought him downstairs, enjoyed the wind and ate just now. He even wagged his tail a bit. He seems to be in a better mood. I hope he will continue and get better.

Animal communication by amylimhealing

Anne Wong and her 16 years old dog

I was so lost that my dog was dying. The  Animal Communication 
session helps me understand my Mike 's wishes.  I wish I have  the session earlier so  I know how to treat him better. Amy has many experiences of senior dog and great she share with me  how to make Mike feel better in the final journeyThankyou  Amy.

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Book an Animal Communication Session

Get in Touch for a session


Distant session by what apps/email-3 questions for $75
5 questions for $100
Departed pet session 5 questions for $100
On site session
1 hour $200 plus transport fees 
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Video on Animal

Dog on Pink

Animal Communication Quotes

“Animals are a window to your soul and a doorway to your spiritual destiny. If you let them into your life and allow them to teach you, you will be better for it.”
― Kim Shotola, 

“Your pets can feel your grief after they pass away but it will not harm them or keep them from continuing on their journey in the afterlife.”
― Karen A Anderson

"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man." — Charles Darwin

“Animal communication is like any other form of telepathic, intuitive conversation. The thoughts and feelings of people and animals carry energetic signatures, communicated through very primal, nonverbal channels.”
― Elizabeth Eiler

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." — Anatole France

"Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms." — George Eliot

“Just like individual people, each animal is unique and endowed with different gifts, and some are more spiritually proficient than others. Some are young souls with limited understanding of their mission and purpose, while others have learned spiritual mastery through many lifetimes of experience. All, however, can help us develop fluency in the heart-based language of telepathy.”
― Elizabeth Eiler,

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