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Space clearing, clear home and office negative energ  by amylimhealing

If you feel your life is stuck or things aren't working according to your plan, a space clearing might be just what you need. Our healer can help you clear the energy in your home or office creating a more harmonious and supportive environment for you to thrive. Contact us today to learn more about our space services.


Raise Your Home Energy, Invoking good luck, happiness and abundance into your life!

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A Good Vibrations & Uplifting Home is so important:

Our Homes are Mirrors of Ourselves"


Our homes are mirrors of ourselves. They reflect our interests, our beliefs, our hesitations, our spirit and our passion. They tell a story about how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. A home is more than a place to lay your head and seek comfort from the elements.


It is a place where you can interface with the universe. It is a crossing point in time and space that can attract energy or repel energy."Your home can be a place of renewal and hope. It can be a sanctuary within which you can retreat and recharge during the changing times, an oasis of peace amidst turmoil.


Homes can be places of healing and regeneration. Not only can your home help to strengthen and heal you, but your home can be a template of harmony within which you and all who enter can be invited to step up to a higher level of spiritual frequency."— by Denise Linn


We spend a large amount of times at home. Nothing is more important than have an uplifting and positive energies home where we can have restful sleep, relaxation, love and play.   A home where we feel security is one of the most basic of human needs.


Our home are made up of energy too, it will absorbed our energy and at times the energy will get stagnant. We are all inter-related to one another and also our home.  When your home energy became stagnant, it will affect you at the same level, you will feel struck or things are not going to work on plan.


All energies need to move, and a physical cleaning may helped. If it is not working after physical cleaning, you have to get an energy cleansing for your home. Space clearing helps to evolve lower dense energy and transform to higher vibrational energy. This help to bring in new energy, new life and positive movements ahead. 

Are you staying in a "sick house sydrome" ?

Clearing your home can be a powerful way to invite positive energy and good luck into your life.  Cleanse the space and promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

Your home environment can significantly impact your well-being. Here are some signs that you might be living in a house with negative or unhealthy energy:

  • Feeling Unsafe: You feel unsafe or uneasy at home.

  • Constant Discomfort: You are always uncomfortable when at home.

  • Avoiding Home: You prefer to stay outside or at the office after hours because you do not feel like going home.

  • Constant Fatigue: You feel constantly tired and sleepy at home.

  • Sleep Issues: You are unable to sleep well and experience nightmares, including demon attacks or ghost figures.

  • Lack of Passion: You feel dull and lack enthusiasm or passion for life.

  • Family Disharmony: You and your family members cannot live in harmony and frequently argue with each other.

  • Agitation and Temper: You and your family members often feel agitated and hot-tempered.

  • Reduced Libido: You lack a healthy sex drive.

  • Frequent Appliance Issues: Your electrical appliances spoil easily.

  • Mould Problems: Your house and furniture become mouldy easily.

  • Water System Issues: Your water system often has problems, such as leaks.

  • Serious Health Issues: More than one person in your family has been diagnosed with serious diseases, such as cancer.

  • Plant Problems: You cannot seem to grow any plants or flowers; they die easily.

  • Pet Deaths: Your aquarium fish or pets die easily.


If you recognize these symptoms in your home, it may be necessary to take steps to cleanse and improve the energy in your living space.

Space clearing, clear home and office negative energ  by amylimhealing
Space clearing, clear home and office negative energ  by amylimhealing

A Negative Home can Affect our Pet's Well-being.

Pets are naturally sensitive to energy vibrations and are often more responsive to the negative energies in your home. Dogs, in particular, tend to be repelled by negative energies. If your dog is not behaving well at home, it might be a sign that your home’s energy needs attention or cleansing.

Signs Your Pet is Affected by Negative Energy:

  • Hiding or Pacing with Anxiety: Pets may show signs of anxiety by hiding or pacing.

  • Restlessness and Fearfulness: Difficulty resting, being fearful of everything and various sounds.

  • Poor Appetite: Pets may not eat well.

  • Incessant Barking: Dogs may bark for no apparent reason, even during the night.

  • Frequent Illness: Pets may frequently fall ill or get sick easily.

  • Behavioral Changes: Sudden changes in behavior, especially after moving into a new home.

  • Aggression and Agitation: Pets may become agitated, aggressive, and fight with other pets in the house.

  • Serious Illness: Diagnosis of serious illnesses, such as cancer.

  • Fear of Certain Areas: Pets may avoid specific rooms or areas of the house.


If the negative energy is too intense, it can lead to severe consequences for your pet, such as falling sick, running away, or even passing on. Addressing the energy in your home through cleansing ceremonies or other methods can help improve your pet’s well-being and behavior.

Space clearing, clear home and office negative energ  by amylimhealing

Events when Space Clearing can Help

Space clearing can be beneficial during various significant life events and transitions. Here are some situations where space clearing can make a positive impact:

  • Moving into a New Home: Clear old energies to create a fresh, welcoming environment.

  • Improving Luck, Abundance, and Prosperity: Attract positive energies to enhance luck and abundance.

  • Life Changes: Support transitions such as divorce or a new move.

  • Starting a New Life Chapter: Energize new beginnings like career changes or new relationships.

  • Adding New Family Members: Harmonize the space for marriages, newborns, or other additions to the family.

  • Creating Positive Change: Shift your current situation in a more positive direction.

  • Post-Illness or Injury: Clear lingering negative energies after illnesses or injuries.

  • After Serious Quarrels or Accidents: Restore peace and harmony after conflicts or accidents.

  • New Business Ventures: Enhance the energy of a new business building or venture.

  • Improving Business Performance: Increase sales, work harmony, and eliminate negative influences.

  • Selling Your Home: Create a more appealing atmosphere for potential buyers.

  • Increasing Creative Spaces: Enhance spaces like your home office to boost creativity.

  • Improving Wellness and Health: Create a healthier and more balanced living environment.

  • Creating Sacred Space: Bring more peace and harmony into your home.

  • Changing Atmospheres: Increase romance or attract new love.

Blessing and Rituals

Moving in & Moving out
For home and Business Space 

Our home and possessions are extensions of ourselves, spiritually connected to us energetically. We can use Energy Healing, blessing ceremonies, and rituals to create positive changes in our physical surroundings.

Benefits of Blessings and Rituals:
  • Protection and Luck: Enhance protection, luck, and abundance.

  • Finding Lost Elements: Aid in locating lost elements and things.

  • Assistance in Selling: Help in the process of selling a home or possessions.

  • New Home Blessings: Facilitate a smooth transition when moving into a new home.

Moving into a New Home: Blessing Ceremony

Moving into a new home is a significant life event that can be made smoother with a blessing ceremony. This ritual can help you bring positive energy into your new space while leaving behind any old or unwanted energies from your previous home. A simple ritual can include:

  • Cleansing the New Space: Use sage, incense, or other cleansing methods to purify the new home.

  • Setting Intentions: Clearly state your intentions for the new space, focusing on positive aspects like love, harmony, and prosperity.

  • Bringing Good Memories: Reflect on the fond memories from your old home and mentally bring those positive energies with you.

  • Leaving Behind Negative Energies: Consciously leave behind any negative or unwanted energies from your old home.

  • Creating a Peaceful Atmosphere: Play soothing music, light candles, and create a serene environment during the ceremony.

Leaving an Old Home

Leaving a home can be tiring and emotional, as it involves preparing for a move and saying goodbye to a part of your life. To ease this transition:

  • Reflect on Memories: Take time to reflect on the fond memories and experiences in your old home.

  • Blessing and Cleansing Ritual: Perform a simple blessing and cleansing ritual to leave your old home in a clean and positive state.

  • Positive Closure: Ensure you have a sense of closure by expressing gratitude for the time spent in your old home.


By incorporating these practices, you can ensure a smooth and harmonious transition when moving from one home to another, carrying forward positive energy and leaving behind any negative influences.

Space clearing, clear home and office negative energ  by amylimhealing
Space clearing, clear home and office negative energ  by amylimhealing

Energy Healing for Pond, Plants and Garden

Plants are living organisms and will also emitting auras that reflect their state of mind and health. They often will reflect the energy of their caretaker and environments. In Fengshui saying: By sending Healing energies for healthy growth, it will increase your luck. abundance. health and positive growth.

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