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Find Lost Pets

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Find Lost Pet


Amy has used Mo Reading Divination in helping people from all parts of the world locating their lost pets.  The most effective search is within the 48 hours such as call the golden hours.  The success rate is about 70 to 80%.


There is still hope for locating the pets after the 48 hours but success rates will varies as the energy force will not be as strong as before.


There are also many underlying issues in locating a lost pet. The divination can help you have better insights of what to do.  


It helps you narrow down your search by indicating the area to search and by which methods. It also indicates whether the pet will be found, whether is it safe or it may has found new family or friends.

We have Three services In Assisting you Finding Your LOST PETS

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Pendulum Dowsing

Animal Communication can add in the search to feel the energy of the animal. When the pet is too stressed and fearful to speak up, pendulum dowsing can help to detect the energies force and answer your queries such as is the animal fearful, anxious or safe? It can also communicate with the animal to send out what they see or feel at their location. 


Amy will also add in pendulum reading to find more in-depth questions.

Pendulum Dowsing for Lost Pet

They are a form of divine guardiance. They serve to help us narrow down our search by giving hints on area to focus on your search.

oendulum amylimhealing.jpg
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Since ancient times, dowsing is used to find lost objects, treasures, people and animals.  Amy has used Distant Dowsing in locating Lost Pets for people in all parts of the world. It just need the address and map and it will be able to dowse for an answer to help you narrow down the search.


Dowsing through map has a accurate rates of 70% for locating the pets. The most effective search is within the golden 48hours. There is still hope for locating the pets after the 48hours but success rates will varies as the energy force will not be as strong as before. . It will be more effective to do a divination services to indicate whether the pet can be found before do the dowsing through map.


Dowsing can also be done on site by Dowsing Rod to search for the Lost Animal. Doswing Rod detect the pet's left over energy field and indicates the route the pet gas travelled. 

Please note Dowsing and Divination can only indicate by cardinal direction.

They are a form of divine guardiance. They serve to help us narrow down our search by giving hints on area to focus on your search.The resuly of the search is still in you.


Would like to give a big shout out and thanks to Amy, for her swift help in finding my Lil precious. Thank you Amy!!

Amy did a divination and said that I'll be able to find her, she advised to look around areas where there's water like drains, and that Lil precious is still near the estate and was not around any people and is alone. 

Everything she said was spot on. I took a torch light to search the drains, going around the perimeter of the estate and that's where I found her. She was just in the drain OUTSIDE my home, and that no one would have seen her because the drain was covered up too.

Thank you so much Amy. You gave positivity and direction to owners and caregivers who otherwise would be very lost and distraught in situation like this. Most importantly, kitty was found swiftly, a very good thing as there's groups of large dogs around here too. Here she is having a good rest after her "adventure"

Oh yes, and Amy mentioned too that Lil precious wasn't afraid when I asked her to let her know there are dogs around the area, and that she was having fun, this was spot on as well. This is exactly the character of Lil precious, not afraid, and likes to play. 

Lil precious and me wishing you and all the animals love and safety.

by Vicky

Dr Surya Kunar


Dear Amy,

I am writing to you to thank you for the help and hope you gave my family and I when we lost our cat on Saturday 17 May 2014.Through Randy Lim of CWS, we contacted you and you managed to assess that our cat Baby was not far from our home.


Although we did all we could to find her for the next few days, it was only on Wednesday 21 May that we found her.She was indeed only 2 houses away in a small drain hole.Thanks you very much for your help. You gave us hope and belief to not give up.I wish you all the best and please keep helping others in difficult situations.


Lina Rahman

 client Lina Rahman:

We were very skeptical of animal communicators. When we lost our precious Abang, our 1 year old cat, we went out searching for him for 3 days and sleepless nights. When a lady advised us to contact


Amy, once again we weren't sure but eventually we tried as we were getting very worried. Amy was calm and no hassles. She advised us later where to search for him and even advised us that Abang wasn't in the hands of an abuser.


With her advise, we head out early morning to search for him and found him less than 24 hours (In fact less than 12 hours!).Thank you Amy. You've made our life whole again. Yours Sincerely,Lina Rahman


On behalf of Tiny’s human family, we extend our gratitude for the help you have extended to us in our search for our beloved cat. We lost Tiny on the evening of Chinese New Year and understandably we could not get your help immediately.


Nonetheless, we appreciate your prompt response to inform us that you were able to do a divination for Tiny on the 3rd day. It was comforting to know that Tiny is safe and that helped keep our spirits up in our continued search for Tiny.


Amy helped us narrow our search and the map dowsing carried out on the 16th day really kept us focused on the search area. 2 days later, in the early hours of the 18th day, we found Tiny. He is safe as communicated by Amy through the 4 divinations. Thank you Amy for keeping us focused on our search and for all your help to bring Tiny home.

-Tiny Human.

Tiny Human, Singapore

Kimi Owner 


Amy --  We found Kimi under a car at carpark. We went towards north direction using the compass n there she was. Thanks so much for ur service. We really appreciate it- Kimi:s owner 

Kimm and family

Amy -- Ash just came home!!!

I can't help believing that your communication with him brought him back to us.  May be  coincidence, but I don't think so.

Thank you! Thank you!!  Thank you!!!

I am going to go love on Ash, but would like to discuss a reading (or ? - need your expertise) for our senior dog.

Our most heartfelt appreciation and highest respect,

Kimm and family USA

Lydia Hanako

I would like to Thank you Amy Lim for divination service locating my missing community cat named whisky. Without your direction advise we may not be possible to have her back. This is a very drama and stressful feeling for us. As she is a very dear and closed to us. I am sure I will recomment to other friends for your great service. Keep up the good works and cheers

Randy Singapore

Thanks Amy for her enthusiatic & positive divination for a lost cat named Baby. Baby is eventually found. Thank you. From Randy Singaporenks Amy for her enthusiatic & positive divination for a lost cat named Baby. Baby is eventually found. Thank you. 

Jenny Yee

Thank you Amy Lim for divination amd dowsing service find my missing furkid Benni. She works very fast and fast communication. She gave us the guidiance and also many tips of how to search a lost pet. We found him in less than 24 hours.

Ashley S.

Thanks Amy for helping us find our cat Chalky. He is already 12years. She told us he will not be home so fast a there is a delay. After weeks gone, we gave up hope and surprisingly he shown up after 3 weeks himself. Thanks. My husband and children are happy now. from Ashley. 

Image by MF Evelyn

Mrs Chua Singapore

We found the bird in the direction you indicated. Thank you. It was indeed rescued by a kind family as you indicated. Thank you very much 


Dushu's guardian Njoki

Thank you Amy for your work. I was able to find you with a google search for divinations to find lost pets, and messaged the whatsapp number. You were kind, quick and professional

even with the wide time zone gap between us. The map you shared gave me courage to ask to search the compound it was in, and the kind guard let me search several times. He was the

one who eventually found the kitten a few meters away from the point you had

demarcated. I am thrilled to be sharing good news about his being found, with

thanks to Amy and the other I go,. and encourage others who are searching to keep being hopeful and open for help

even when it feels a little unorthodox or not what you may be used to. Thank you

again Amy!


Ashley S.

We have found Winston!

Thank you so much for your

guidance. He was 500km

away as you said! He is alive

and well but stolen by a

woman. He is now at home

with his owner. Blessings to

you xxx

A liile thoughts about losting a Pet

Our Pets are our companions to accompany us in our life journey to learn life lessons together. They helped us to open our heart to lo open and receive love. We learn to care for others beings unconditionally when come to a animal. The relationship is usually pure and we never ask for return, that is unconditional love. 


At some part of our life journey, the animal may choose to leave you so you can learn to be a stronger person. Some animal may not want to return to their present owner or caretaker because both of you have to step out to learn new lessons.


Animals are like little angels on earth, they accompanied us to a part of our journey and they moved on. They may have mission to move elsewhere to help others move on. Everything happened for a reason and it is for everyone highest good. Always treasure your loved ones when they are around.

Image by Şahin Sezer Dinçer
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