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Soul Loss, retrieve your lost elements.


In ancient shamanic teachings, The Five Element: Earth, Five, Water, Air and Space are considered to be the substances of all things and processes. The Five elements are also significances to our body main organs spleen. Liver, kidney, lung and heart.   And each of these major organs have  a soul part that governs our five senses,  five major emotions, and the constituents of every physical, sensual, mental and spiritual phenomenon experiences. The elements are correlated to different emotions, temperaments, directions, colours, tastes, body parts, illness, thinking styles and character. Harmony and balance are the keys for the elements, any imbalances of these elements will greatly affect our health and wellness.

How is Soul Loss?

Soul Loss, retrieve your lost elements.
Soul Loss, retrieve your lost elements.

The soul is known as the balance of the subtle energies and related qualities of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. Each of us are born with a unique manifestation of the elements based on our karmic links. We are have the five elements quantities in us, the different between individuals are the strength of the elements.


In today society, we can have everything we want such as a job, a family and comfortable home. But deep inside us, we feel unsatisfied, lost, lack of joy and depressed. There is a sense of disconnectedness and dissatisfaction inside us, and we do not know why?  We can be very successful in career and relationships but if we are unbalance, we will still feel something is missing and unable to feel good.  We have read about celebrities that are very successful but they lived on drugs or do somethings that tarnish their reputations. That is because they are out of balance, acting on a discounted place, as ancient teaching means they have lose their soul. Soul loss can lead to damage our life force energies and chakras which manifested body weakness and illness. It can also affected you emotion, energy, thoughts and spiritually. In extreme case, can lead to death.


The element of soul loss is usually a result of inevitable challenges we face in life. It can be anything form and unhealed childhood trauma, sudden shock, unexpected death of a loved one, accumulated stress, accidents, traumatic experiences, natural disasters or even from a past lives experiences.


The good news is that we can fully retrieve what we have lost. Harmony is the key for in Nature and for all elements.  As all elements are correlated, balancing the elements bring wholeness in all dimension of experience. By balancing of elemental energies can be useful applied to any human function, quality or activity such as health, relationship, spiritual practice, psychological, emotion and so on.


The essence of Soul Retrieval Healing concerns the spiritual removal the aspects of a person that should not be there, and returning those spiritual parts that should they have lost so they can recognises their strength and allow their body, mind and soul to mending the broken parts.

Are Your Soul Loss? 

  • You are easily distracted?

  • You are unable to smile?

  • You lack a sense of wanting or needing more for yourself?

  • You are not happy about everything?

  • You feel discounted and not in your body most of the time?

  • You feel weak most of the time and a sense of exhaustion?

  • You have a sense of lack even though you have everything you want?

  • You have a deep sense of loneliness?

  • You lack trust in people, the world and yourself?

  • You have pale completion and dark under eyes circles?

  • You have recurring nightmares?

  • You have suddenly loss a long term job, relationships or death of a loved one?

  • You have a traumatise experience or witnessed one?

  • You have a sick for a long time?



Earth usually represented as Mother Earth, mountains, rocks, soil or grass. Earth is linked to the north and winter, the season of recuperative withdrawal and dormancy. Earth’s quantity is solid, firm, grace, strong and unshakeable. Earth can helps to retrieve your lost part from fear, insecurity, unstable feelings in all situations, lack of discipline and concentration. if you unable to sleep well due to over dreaming or often feel ill and weak, very likely your earth elements is out of balance.




Water is usually represented by rivers, oceans, blood and teardrops. Water is able to shape itself in all container, remaining us to be flexible. It is linked to west and autumn, a time for gathering and preparation. Its quantity is linked to peace, calm, serenity, togetherness, clarity, pure and harmony. Water can helps to retrieve your lost soul part of uncomfortable feeling in body and mind. If you feel unable to complete any projects you do, unable to achieve reasons you want, constant failure in everything including relationships, lack of peace in thinking, worry endlessly, you should get a soul retrieval of your water elements.


Fire is usually represented by sun, burning candle or woods. It is always uplifting and stand for source of spirit, joy, creativity, passion, enthusiasm and inspiration. Fire’s healing action is cleansing, uplifting and transformative. Fire can transform, and it can also destroy, it can helps to destroy unwanted clutter and creating space for new. Fire is linked to the south and summer when it energy is the highest. Fire can helps to retrieve your lost soul part if you are unable to feel any joy and happiness in life. If you are unable to do any planning, lack of meaning and passion in life, feeling weak and helpless, you need to retrieve your five elements.


Air is our vital force, our breath. It is usually represented by strong wind and cloud. It is linked to the mind and thoughts, air is the medium for breathing, communicating and healing. Air is linked to the east and spring, a time for fresh growth and new beginnings. Air can helps to retrieve your lost soul elements if you are feeling lazy, heaviness, slow in thinking and action, lack of driven and too many negativities in thinking. If you are feeling overwhelmed with plans and thoughts, easily excited, moving too fast pace that you feel exhausted, you may have too much air elements and thus need to balance up


Space or Ether is the only element that has no physical existence in the 5 elements and it does included all the other four elements. Space  is usually represented by open space, dessert or sky. Space is imaginary, openness and helps us look for spiritual source, expansion and live in present moments. It is the wheel of all elements and seasons, which magnifies its healing potency. Space can help to retrieve your lost soul parts if you are feeling struck with life, lost confident of anything, self-hate, feeling life is a death end that you feeling so helpless and depressed. If you are feel obstruction in your spiritual path, lack of awareness, lack of sacred relationship with everything, unable to visualise or mediate, doubts in your spiritual practice, you need to retrieve your space elements.

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