What is in a Soul Journeying Session with Your Pet?

Shamanic Journey works on using imaginary, visioning and visualization skill to interactive with the environment, it is action-oriented and power-based. In shamanic Journeying you mobilize energy through your thoughts and emotions and send it out to intercede with the forces that exist in the world. Shamanic Journey is an inner quest aims to find out who you really are and to connect to your true spirit, solve problems etc.


In Journeying Healing, you will be guided into a meditation accompanied by sound such as drumming or music. You will be guided to another realm to connect with your departed pet again. It is like in a meditative dream state, where you subconscious mind will guide you to see and feel your pet “presence”.  It is a very heart- warming session and many clients able to feel it help and speed up healing in their grieving state.  


In this soul journeying session will also include a healing session to cleanse your energy system which cause by energetic disturbance from heavy grieving.  And all session will also include a consultation and mini card reading to help you move on.

When our Pets leave us behind and the soul returning back home, we often wonder how they are doing?  Are they safe at the rainbow bridge? Or are they still with us?​ Does anyone guide them home?


We will often feel that we have not done enough when they are alive even we have done our very best. There are times when our pets just left so sudden that we do not have a chance to say goodbye and we love them.


Emotions start to pour in such as regrets, worry, wonder pondering in our mind leaving us sleepless nights when our pets passed on. We read about stories of Rainbow Bridge but are they ready there? 


Many people "wait"  till they  actually died  to have a chance  speak to  their  departed relatives  and, beloved pets  so they can "meet them in a beautiful garden, to talk ..." but that's not necessary.


Soul talk journeying session can help you talk to anyone in the other side that you need or want to talk to, at any time.


It will be wonderful to have the chance again to connect with your departed pets again. It helps you resolve any misunderstanding, regrets and gains peace of mind.


Do you have all these thoughts that need to tell your departed pet?


  • You can make peace with your departed Pet.

  • You want to ask for forgiveness from your pet?  

  • You have unfinished business to say to the animal?

  • You want to know how your pet is doing now.

  • You want to tell your pet you love and miss him or her very much?

  • You want to tell your pet to go in peace?

  • You want to ask your pet will him or her able to come back to you again?

  • Or you may just want to see and feel your pet “presence” again.










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