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Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing

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Stressed? Drained? Lack of Meaning in Life? 

Recharge your Energy , Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind  and Soul.

Listen to Your Body and Soul: Recognize the Signs You Need to Recharge Your Energy

Your body and soul send you signs through feelings, emotions, and sensations when it's time to recharge your energy. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may benefit from an Energy Healing Session.

Energy Healing by amylimhealing


Are you experiencing these symptoms without a clear diagnosis from a physician?

  • Your body feels tired most of the time.

  • You constantly feel physically unwell and unhealthy.

  • You have unexplained pain and aches.

  • You have changes in weight without apparent reasons.

  • You struggle to eat well.

  • You have difficulty sleeping.

  • You suffer from poor memory and forgetfulness.

  • You frequently experience headaches, migraines, nausea, or flu-like symptoms.

  • You often have nightmares.

Energy healing by amylimhealing

Are you having all these feelings and emotions that affected your body and mind?


  • You lack joy and passion in everything?

  • You feel lost, disconnected, fear, lack, and loneliness?

  • You always feel irritated with small stuffs?

  • You easily get frustrated, angry and cannot control anger?

  • You distrust in people, life and future?

  • You are unable to complete tasks or projection?

  • You having issues in your career and working life?

  • You are unable to manage times and money?

  • You feel exhaustion and stress from over working, family life and relationship issues. 

  • You often feel drained for no reason?

  • You are affected by some people in your life physically and emotionally?

  • You feel fatigue after been to a crowded place?

  • You have traumatised experiences, being cheated or suffered from great loss?

  • You have recurring nightmares, flashback from childhood and past memories, past traumas and have a hard time concentrating in life?

  • You have negatives or unwanted thoughts and image nonstop circling in your mind?

  • You feel heavy burden and meaningless to carry on in life? 

You might be feeling this way because you've absorbed too much negative energy from people, environments, and issues at work or in your relationships. You feel empty and try to fill this void with food, drinking, drugs, shopping, watching TV, or endlessly surfing the Internet. Yet deep down, you are not happy.

This disconnect can cause your chakras and energy body to malfunction. Overwhelming negative energy that your body, mind, and soul cannot handle can lead to physical or mental illness and even soul loss. Energy Healing can recharge your energy, cleanse your chakras, and infuse your soul with positive and uplifting energies, helping you feel whole and peaceful again.


 Energy Healing by amylimhealing



 If you're unsure about the issues you're facing or which healing to request, you can start with a divination reading. Mo Divination is a fast and economical way to identify and address problems. It can reveal your current issues and suggest remedies for the next steps in your life.

How can Energy Healing help you 

''When you Shift Your Energy! Your Life Change!''

Everything is Energy! Energy cannot be destroying but can be cleanse, transform and evolve to higher frequencies.  Harmony is the key to wellness. By altering the dense energies vibration that affecting you, you can restore your health. You change your life! You can be your Authentically joyful self again.


Energy Healing can helps to return to your inherent joy, re-energize your relationships, reclaims your power and passion at works, and find your life purpose . Energy Healing aims to let you live a more authentic, harmonious and fulfilled life.

Energy Healing is not only for the sick but also serve people who are physically healthy to gain more vitality and wellness. Regularly cleanse and rejuvenate your energy body and chakras, having many benefits:


  • Help Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

  • Promote health and wellness, weight control and beauty.

  • Infuse your inner self, your soul with peace, calm and serenity.

  • Help to have clearer and focus mind.

  • Improve relationships and work issues.

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to eliminate lack, fear and unwanted habits etc.

  • Improve awareness, stillness and wisdom

  • Activate your third eye and intuition.

  • Love yourself and reclaim your inner joy.

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amylimhealing energy healing session
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What to expect in a Healing Session

Everyone is unique, as are your problems and symptoms, so no two healing sessions are alike. Each is individually tailored to your needs. Amy's healing sessions include sound healing (drumming or bells), hypnotherapy, and guided meditation to cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

A Typical Healing Session Includes:

  1. Consultation: The session begins with a consultation to understand your problems and determine the best healing methods for you. Each session is customized to address your unique issues and symptoms.

  2. Energetic Scanning and Cleansing: All sessions include scanning and cleansing your energetic body, aura, and chakras to remove dense and negative energies that hinder your progress and positive growth in life.

  3. Balancing and Recharging: Your energy systems will be balanced and recharged to increase your energy vibrations, attracting wellness and abundance.

  4. Intuitive Card Reading: Every client receives a complimentary mini intuitive card reading to reveal your current soul path, challenges, problem-solving strategies, and remedies for positive advancement.


While there is usually no physical contact, sometimes Amy may apply acupressure to areas with stubborn blockages.

Energy Healing is beneficial not only for those who are ill but also for those who are physically healthy, as it enhances vitality and wellness.

Distant Healing

Energy travels through time and space. If you cannot attend a healing session in person, a Distant Healing session is equally powerful. Simply request a Distant Healing by emailing your problems, photos, and address.




Chakra Balancing healing by amylimhealing






Scan, cleanse and recharge your chakras and subtle energies field. 

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Soul Retrieval in Singapore by amylimhealing


using Five Elements 



Heal and Retriveal your essence during difficult times from childhood, traumas, accidents, grieve and losses etc

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Past Life Regression in Singapore by amylimhealing





Connect with your past lives to understand connection regarding your present life challenge, illness, relationship issues etc. 

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If you are looking for a  therapy or remedies to to change your life'? These therapies session can help to kick off negative habits, improve relationships, ehance health and wellness,  beauty and weight loss, overcome emotional issues such as fear and anxiety, improve confident and self-esteem. Find our your life purpose or connect  or your unque gifts and talents. It can also enhance your spiritual path with session such as connect with  your spirit guides or animal spirit guides.

Shaman Journeying Healing in Singapore by amylimhealing





Shamanic journeying session is a kind of guided meditation it is also a tool for spiritual growth. used for healing, to obtaining information, and in working through psychological issues.

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Hynpnotherapy in Singapore by amylimhealing



Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy used to create subconscious change in a patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings. It is undertaken with a subject in hypnosis.

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Divination and Dowsing Reading in Singapore by amylimhealing




Divination is a fast and economical method to find and solve problems. If you unable to know what is the root of your problems? It can obtain answer and suggest which healing or remedies to take,

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Do you often feeling drained and lack of drive, you and your family members fall sick easily, have encounter a series of bad luck and mishaps? It is very likely you are staying in a space or home that made you sick. Using space clearing can eliminate the geopathic stress and negativities that made people and pets fall sick and restless.  

“There’s nothing like an awesome energy and uplifting home."

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