Writing a testimonials is showing gratitude which making two souls happy. Thanks all the clients who take the times to write me the Testimonials. I wish you always be blessed and success in all your undertakings. 

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” 
― Marcel Proust

"I enjoyed Amy’s teachings and healing tremendously.   I felt positive and relaxed after the first healing session and it was a wonderful and happy experience for me.  Amy is someone who is very cheerful and helpful . She finds out and understands the situation to provide the relevant solutions and advice.  Thank you Amy for the healing and teachings. " 

Lih Chyun

I had a very good first session and meeting with Amy. She is a kind and sincere healer and therapist. Her ability to lend patient listening ears and sensitive to others feelings brings a calming effect. And her approachable nature make me feel comfortable and even at casual chatting, she tries to understand you from her heart and response to your needs. Would recommend her to anyone interested in her service.

-Clement, Singapore

Testimonial for Past Life Regression Session

"I now have a clear understanding of my relationship problems, I am able to move on in life. Amy guides me safely and also share with me more healing tips."

Patricia, singapore 

"Amy was very professional and caring and I felt safe as she guided me through the meditation. I can recommend Amy to anyone wishing for a great energy worker...." 


Testimonial for Soul Retrevial session:


" After the healing session, I have a good sleep which I lost many months ago. I feel more energetic and able to get back to my project which I have been procasinated long times frome exhaustion and tiredness. ..." 

-Mic, Malaysia

Testimonial for Past Life Regression Session:

"I am able to heal my past phobia and have a great understanding of why these people come into my life. Thank you Amy.  ..." 

Mabel, singapore

Hi Amy,


After your healing on Wednesday, I gotten interview next day for the admin clerk job to be interview on friday. I don't feel any excited. I went for that... When I got there, I become aware that I don't feel good after reaching there, yes, it was an environment there,  and during interview, the interviewer ask why I have a lot of jobs and why I quit(which you had mentioned in our last email that I change job many times, LOL). It was difficult and I had to say some bit of white lie like change of environment when in fact I was terminated. (I don't feel good doing that) This kind situation I felt that they will not understand. But then You know? The interviewer said something what I realised was actually message to me if we see from perspective way, " The job is boring, we need someone who can stay long and not quit after six months and ask me to think about it carefully" It sound like it is not for me. If I am not very aware, I will just take it for sake of money. it's not about money but our well being of being happy.


Yes, If I am happy, I am on right track. How come I didn't pay attention to that?



This is testimonal below.


I went for Amy's energy healing because I was "lost" and had experience hostile energy. I am glad that I went for her energy healing to allow new life and energy to come to my life and to have clarity in life. And balancing my chakras and clearing any negatives energy. She care about your well being from her heart.


Amy,  I am very much appreciated that you care about my well being, providing advice, helping me to understand, doing out of your way to help me and for being patience in answering my questions. Thank you Amy! 

-Spring, Singapore



Testimonial for Energy Healing session:


" Hi Amy,I am here to drop you a note of appreciation. Thanks for guiding me thru the cleansing process patiently. I will definitely continue working on the meditation and manifestation tips given. I can see my life change better bit by bit from there. Really appreciate of your great works!" 

-Sock Leng, Malaysia

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