Energy Healing For Animals

Everything is made up of Energy. Energy can be refer to "chi",  "ki" or "halo". Such as used in Feng Shul that has positive and negative energy. Energy cannot be destroyed but can be transferred. Everyday our bodies are being hit with these Energies from many different sources. We don’t see it but we know it is there. Emotions are also a form of Energy, when we took in too much unbalance energy such as fear, doubt, anger, judgment, criticism, blame, lack of love etc., made us out of balance. Prolonged periods of enduring those unbalance energy manifest behaviour problems and diseases. Animal companions, like us also will fall out of balance when there is too much unbalance energies.

Energy Healing combines with Touch Therapy is a simple and natural healing to influence the health and promote well-being in animals through energy works, love, compassion and intention.  This is a powerful healing working with divine love, cosmic and nature energies to reunite, harmonize heal. 


Healing comes from a Greek words mean "whole” Energy Healing is a path of wholeness to achieve harmony.  True Healing is not the disease alone that needs to be treated; it is the whole pet need to be healed because the body, mind and spirit are all inter-linked and inter- related. Animal is natural sensitive to energy and will respond well through energy healing. Energy Healing is to reunite, harmonize and heal. 

How can Energy Healing Helps Animal Companion?

In the wild, animals have the natural abilities to look for remedies to heal themselves when their energies field fall out of balance.  They know how to rest their body for self-healing to take place. Those animal companions that live in city life mostly have lost their natural instinct due to lack of connect with the Mother Nature.  They lived with human too closely and many times absorb the negative emotional or dense energy from people, other animals and environment.  Prolong stress and unbalance energy forces cause our pets to fall sick and develop behavioural issues. Animals are very sensitive to energies as they have a pure and unblock energy channel. Can you imagine they keep on absorbing dense energies and without removing them? Many times there will even be outburst of skin problems, behaviours change where cannot be diagnosis by veterinary science.

  • Are your pet lack of energy, always seem worn-out?

  • Are your pet sleep most of the times and not seem to be interested in any activates?

  • Are your pet always hiding and seems to be fearful of everything?

  • Are your pet lately change of behaviours and loss of appetite?

  • Are your pet suddenly move away from you and even try to bite you?

  • Are your pet behave strangely after a change of residence, surgery, boarding or even after an outing?   


Your pet is acting strangely because they are acting from a disconnected place, not themselves as mostly their chakra are out of balance. You can get a Energy Healing sesssion for your pet if your pet have all these symptoms. Working at gross level to clear the energy is better to wait under it develop into big issues.


Energy Healing is addressed to clear away the negative energy and emotion that struck on the animal. Energy Healing can be effective with any illness or problems from which the pets suffer, working to address at the subtle level of illness.  It has also been shown great benefit for incurable diseases such as cancer and liver diseases. Energy healing is designed to enhance and speed up the healing process and also complement veterinary care. Energy healing is simple and safe for all kinds of animals, from mammals to bird and even fish.   Animals unlike human may have mental blocked to energy healing. They are natural sensitive to healing energies, the love, warmth and touch of healing can be comforting to animals. ​​


Healing is not only for illness, healing is to make whole again. Healthy pets will benefit from energy healing as it helps to detox and rejuvenate the energy and body system . Regular cleasing and healing will prevent illness and strengthen immune system.​​​​ After a healing session your pet can expect to feel very relaxed, calm and rejuvenated, although different animal will feel differently depending on their body conditions.


Energy healing is designed to enhance and speed up the healing process and also complement veterinary care. Energy healing is simple and safe for all kinds of animals, from mammals to bird and even fish. After a healing session your pet can expect to feel very relaxed, calm and rejuvenated, although different animal will feel differently depending on their body conditions.

Some animals are not able to be touched and may not be receptive to hand-on treatment especially if the animal has been abused and afraid of strangers, a distant healing will helped. The great advantage of Energy Healing is that it can travel through space and time to reach a person, a pet, a plant, an environment or situation. Distant Healing is as effective as hand on healing.


For those in pain or suffering from specific ailments, a series of treatments will be required to see significant results,  generally suggest a series of three healing session to kick start your pet immune system.


It has also been shown great benefit for incurable diseases such as cancer, kidney and liver diseases. Even the pet is unable to cure completely; animals almost always seem to feel better after healing session with an apparent reaction in their level of pain or discomfort.

Benefit of Energy Healing

Studies have shown Regular touch and Healing can help Animals/pets.  


Studies have shown that many people including pet benefit from energy and spiritual healing by focusing on prayers, affirmation, visualization and intention. Pets with tumours have seen improvement and shrink of tumours size after several sessions. ​​​.​ Senior and injured pets normally chi flow is slow in their body and may cause stiffness on limbs and joints. Frequent massage healing helps chi flow and speed up recovery.​​​ Behaviours and traumatic pets have reported to behave more calm and peace after healing massage.​



Energy Healing For Pets can Helps:


  • Promoted Relaxation and rejuvenation for sick and healthy  pet

  • Helps improve and speed up muscular discomfort and ligament problems.

  • Helps heal all auto-immune system related symptoms and diseases.

  • Reduce Stress problems and their related physiological symptoms.

  • Helps improve behaviour problems and communication issues.

  • Physiological changes and speed up healing/recovery/restoration.

  • Improve bonding between caretaker and pets.

  • Promotes harmony living within family and other pets.

  • Before or after surgery to cleanse and balance energy.

  • Improve stomach digestion and improve gastroenology systems.​​​

  • Senior pets  to improve chi flow, soften limbs and  joints stiffness

  • Helps smooth transition for terminated dying pets

Distant Healing
for your pet

Distant Healing works as good as onsite healing and your pet can experience it in a faster way . There is no need appointment and usually can be done within a day.


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Andy . Taylor

I have been requested Distant Healing for my dog Samuel  on and off  when he feels out of colours.  Each time it helps to pick him up. Thanks Amy


My senior Golden has weak back leg  . she started to  move better after 3 sessions.  amy also care to share with me tips on caring a senior dog. i am happy my dog can age  gracefully.


We believe in  Chakra system.. According to Amy , Bon first and  second chakra was imbalance due to fear and insecurity. Bon was adopted  and frighjten of everything. He was moody and not eating well. Vet can't find ourt why, Chakra healing did help him  to stablise eating condition.  He  has  also gains some confident.

What is Healing Crisis:


A note on Healing crisis: For most animals, an Energy healing session results in feelings of calmness and peace and a general improvement in their symptoms. However, some animal will get worse after a healing session and developed symptoms such as aches and pains, rashes, skin inflammation, more itchier , stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting, sleep more, eating more or reduce appetite. This is a natural process for the body to detox, in order for proper healing to take place. Usually Healing crisis symptoms happened if the body has been neglected, or the issues have been ignored or suppressed for a long time. Healing crisis is rare, and is a natural process of the body healing. These symptoms are a great sign that the body is responding to healing and after releasing the negative energies, body self-healing will take place.



Energy Healing does not replace traditional Veterinary care; however, it can help in several ways. Many studies have shown that when clients used combination of both alternative Energy Healing and Medical Therapies achieved fast and most reliable results. Energy Healing focus on strengthen and balancing your pet energy systems. All these healing will help your pet feeling more love, more calm and peaceful, and that help to speed up recovery.

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