Signs of Your Pet is Dying-Process of Natural Elements Breaking Down

Everything has a cycle and everything dies, including your pets. There are some signs and symptoms in a dying process but each of us experiences it in own unique way. This is a natural cycle of transition. There are many paths one can lead to the journey but all lead to the same destination. Usually the dying process begins before actual death occurs. Death is the journey of ending the physical life and back to the spirit world. The journey may begin from one to three months for natural dying process. Some pets will go through the whole process, while some pets will only experience some of the symptoms and signs. When the pet’s death is approaching, they begin to withdraw from the surroundin

Famous Quotes on LIfe and Death

Life and Death Everything has a season and everything die even the stars from the planet. We are all spirit beings including our pets and have chosen our physical forms (physical body) to incarnate on earth to learn and discover our true self. Life is a journey to wholeness and death is only part of our life lessons to make us a better beings. There is no death as our spirits or souls do not die; only a transition and it like ‘returning home’ to where our souls belong. There is no fear for death, if one can live life with a good heart. Just as Buddha saying “"Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely." After Lossing my Beloved Benji, awaken my mission to help people and anim

Is being an animal of lower karma and Suffering?

Many times people will ask me that born as an animals are of lower karma and why do our pets choose to come back as animals? I believe all our animals have a strong karmic link with us that why they choose to come and share their life with us and growth together. They are never lower beings to me; they are even more enlightened than us. If you’re looking for Buddha, look at your pets, they are always living in the now, they are still, spacy and being. Being in love always, being to live life in fullness. They have not evil and negatives thoughts, they get angry but forgive quickly; they fall sick but never have the thoughts of sufferings. In the other words, they think simple and do not mak

Why animal choose it physical form and become our pet?

Be it a dog, cat, bird, fish or mouse, our animal companions came to our life to teach, share and learn about love in life. No matter what form the animals is, there is a beautiful soul behind this form that provides us unconditional love and many other attributes to help us grow. They are our pets, companions, teachers and healers. Every animal is individual and each animal came to our life in different forms and phrases of our life to help us learn and grow spiritually. For example, you may learn to be more joyful with a happy dog or may learn to love and provide care to a sick animal. If you opened your heart and observe, there are so much we can learn from them. When you choose an animal

How Animals View Their Death?

How Animal view death Animals have no fear of death. They are aware of the natural cycle of life, including their own dying. Every being have their own destiny, and everyone including animals die in different ways. Most animals will prefer to die peacefully at home with their family around. Sometimes they choose to die without your presence because they need a smoother transition for the highest good for everyone. When we love our pets, we shall always think for them for their highest good. But sometime your love turned into an attachment and burden for your pet that prevent her from dying when the physical body cannot hold their soul anymore. That is why some pets stay bed-ridden for very

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