All About Energy Healing

Energy Healing combines scientific knowledge of the body with an intuitive understanding of the flow of body energy. Amy’s way of healing is a combination of therapies like spiritual healing, energy field work, EmoTrance, chakra cleaning, colours and light healing, sound healing, breath work and core shamanic practice include journeying, soul retrieval, etc. help focus on strengthen and balancing your energy systems. What is Energy Healing? Energy is the vital life force thought to transcend time and space and permeate all phenomena. Every ancient, traditional and indigenous spiritual and healing system in the world recognizes and uses the concept of vital energy, also known as the Universal

Energy Etheric Cord

Etheric cords are energetic cord attach from our chakras to people as well as animals, inanimate objects and places where we have a relationship. Etheric cords are mostly attaching to our parents, siblings, current lovers or ex-lovers, children, close friends, our pets and house. You may have lost contact with these people in your life but the unhealthy cord remains attach to you. This may cause you a drain of energy not knowing why because the person or animal to whom you attached are drawing energy from you. ​ Unhealthy and painful relationships may cause you weight and pain in your energy body that may cause your pain and uncomforting in your physical body. All these unhealthy relationshi

Grief Support Healing

GRIEVING Grief is a reaction and responds to loss, particularly to someone, an animal, a thing or space that you are deeply bonded. Whether you lost a loved one including your pets, a relationship, a job, a business, a space, a health, a lifestyle or long-held dream, grieving is a natural process that enables us to work through the process of natural emotions to arrive in the end of acceptance and restored peace, love and harmony again. No one will really understand how you are feeling as bereavement is a highly individual as well as a complex experience and no two people respond the same way to the losses associated with the death of a loved one. Grieving is like waves of the ocean; the mix

Energy Healing For Plants and Garden

Plants are living organisms and will also emitting auras that reflect their state of mind and health. Plants are intelligent beings and often will communicate to us, and we can communicate with them. Scientist studies shown that they will talk to other plants. Another study has shown that when they attune to a particular person (caretaker), they will maintain a bond with them, no matter how far away. These plants register ”knowing” not only when the person is returning to the plants, but when the person makes the decision to return. They often will reflect the energy of their caretaker and environments. In Feng Shui observation, you will know how the energy of a place just by looking at the

Energy Medicine For Your Dog

For most of us, the word “energy” calls to mind something that turns lights on and off, runs our cars, or is enhanced by vitamins. We don’t realize we are made of energy, and that we interact with people and animals on an instinctive, energetic basis. All living and non-living substances are made of vibrating electromagnetic energy – just like light, sound or microwaves. We literally send off an invisible electromagnetic fi eld in all directions, like ripples caused by pebbles tossed into a pond. This energy field is a physical connection to our families and friends, animal companions, wildlife and natural surroundings. It connects us to every being on the planet. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED Ene

5 Alternative Therapies For Chronic Pain In Dogs

Unlike humans, dogs can’t always let us know when or if they’re in pain. Because of this, some people assume that canines don’t experience pain the same way we do. But that’s not the case. Arthritis and muscle or joint injuries are just as uncomfortable for dogs as they are for us, and many illnesses also generate pain. While conventional medications can ease the discomfort, they’re not the only options. The following alternative therapies can be very helpful for pain management. Just remember to consult with an integrative or holistic veterinarian before starting any new treatments with your dog. Some of these modalities may be contraindicated in some situations – for example, massage shoul

Chakra Healing For Your Dog

Does your golden retriever have less pep in her step? Is your Yorkie barking more than usual? Perhaps it’s her chakras! First of all, have her checked over by your veterinarian for any medical issues. If she receives a clean bill of health, the next thing I recommend is to look for issues in her energy field. You may not be able to see this field, but it can often be the source of — and solution to — unusual physical, emotional and behavioral issues in your canine companion. Chakras are a main component of the energy field. They are spinning vortices of energy (or energy centers) located within the body and emanating outwards. They are the vehicle through which your dog absorbs and assimilat

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