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Animal Communication and energy healing workshop amylimhealing singapore
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Animal Communication &
Energy Healing

Are you feeling lost or unfulfilled? Join our healing sessions and classes to discover your inner calling and cultivate a more balanced life. Our experienced instructors will guide you on a of self-discovery and help you unlock your full potential. Start your journey today and find the peace and fulfillment you deserve.

 "Discover the power of animal communication and energy healing to create a more compassionate world. Join us in our mission to spread positivity and healing energy to all living beings." 

Awaken Your Spirituality and Pyschic Gifts

Finding the mystical power within you.

This course is not only designed to teach you how to communicate with animals, but also to guide you on a journey of spiritual awakening and the discovery of your psychic gifts.


We are all born with five senses: smell, taste, sight, hearing, and touch, along with a sixth sense that allows us to connect with our world. Each individual has a unique way of perceiving things through their innate abilities.

To hear our pets speak, we must sharpen our senses. Our pets communicate not with words, but through the transference of energy in the form of feelings, pictures, smells, voices, and telepathy.


In this course, you will learn how to use your unique gifts to communicate with animals, heal them, and contribute to making the world a better place.

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Animal communication and energy healing workshop singapore
woman in teal shirt holding brown short coated dog_edited.jpg

What you will learn in this Animal Communication and Energy Healing Workshops?

It is youir Time to Expand your Spirituality and Intuitive Gifts


You may come to this page because you are an animal lover, or may be you do not have a pet but have a keen interest in learning this Energy works. There is no coincidence in spirituality, you may be guided by your intuition and Soul to join this course.


These may be the reasons motivates you to join the workshop: 


You want to understand your pets better?

You want to heal yourself, your loved ones and your pets? 

You want to have a greater understanding about you own spiritual journey and your pets?

You have a desire to live a happier and more fullfilling life by developing your intuition?

You want to communicate with your pet who has passed into spirit?

You want to start and learn about your unique gifts, psychic abilities and expand your intuition? 



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We have 3 ways to suit your style of learning, you can join a workend interacting group class or private learning in your own timing or organise your own groups of friends to learn together 

Animal communication and energy healing workshops in singapore

Special Private Workshop for 1


This is a tailor made class for you based on your spiritual gifts, pets problems and queries. One-to-one guidance aims to support your own learning for your unique spiritual development. You can choose your own learning times at your own space with your pets, outdoor or a rented class room.


Amy is Bilingual and teach in both Emglish and Manadain class. You can choose in Bilingual, English or Mandarin Class. She can also explain in certain dialects.

Basic class 5 hrs : rates email for detail.

Animal Communication and energy healing workshop amylimhealing singapore

Special Requested Group Workshops 


New weekend and Weekday Animal Communication and Healing class now available for registration. Very Quiet and comfortable learning Environment. Minimum 4 people in a class. Get your own friends to learn and grow together or with mix with other liked-minded people. This is a small class for people that unable to join the weekend class.


Timing can be arranged to suit your need.

2 days $500 ( 11 am to 5pm)

Animal Communication and energy healing workshop amylimhealing singapore

 Weekend Workshops


Weekend Animal communication and Healing Workshop is group class, like a weekend retreat where you able to expand your spirituality, back to nature, awaken your inner child and share and learn with liked-minded people on pets care, healing and life-issues. Lots of fun and laughter too.


2 days $500 (Sat 11am to 5pm)

Sun 10.30 to 5.30pm

Why learn from Amy 

Amy has 34 years of Pets care experiences, more than a decade in of teaching Animal Communication and Energy Workshop. She has also more than 30 years of aquiring spiritual wisdoms. and Energy Healing experiences. After she been through serveral heartbreaking grieving experiences with human and pets, she has aquired wisdom and profound understanding of loss and life.  

gy healing workshop singapore

Her Passion 

Her passion in facilitating workshops is to introduce Spirituality, Mother Nature and Animal Kingdom's wisdom to everyone that is ready to expand their spirituality, awaken their own unique gifts. So they and their pets can live a wholeness life (body, mind and soul) all healthy) and hope the participants can used their gifts to inspire others and togther we make this world a better place.


Awaken Your Senses

Amy's Animal communication and Healing Workshops is not only teach you how to talk to animals.


These workshops are for expanding your intuition, awaken your long lost senses and inner child. Her coaching style is filled with light and joy, humor and full of laughter, using simple words,  and life experiences to help you understand better; fun interacting exercises for you to speed up learning. She is very patience and explaining in simple way, step by step to individual needs.


She is Bilingual and able to teach in English and Mandarin. If you need an Mandarin class, she can accomdate to it.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” 
― Lao Tzu

The most important things for joining a workshop is you get to know yourself better.

Learn & Growth

Joining all these Workshops are investment for your own spiritual growth, most of the students after class would able to feel, see and look at the world differently. The most important is you get to know yourself better.


These are reported from the students after join the Animal Communication and Energy Healing Workshops:


  • Have a change of perception.

  • Become more positive.

  • Solve their long times issue that bothering them.

  • Able to awaken their own gifts,

  • Awaken to self-healing, healing for their pets,

  • Increase Owner and Pets bonding.

  • Resolve their human relationships.

  • Able to sense Energy and Aura

  • Become more positive.

  • Heal their Anger.

  • Solve Ego- Issue.

  • Awaken their love and compassion.

  • Improve Spirituality.

  • Heal their grieving after connected with their departed pets and many more.

gy healing workshop singapore

““Amy is a calm , dedicated and compassionate Animal Communicator and trainer !!!**So blessed to have her guidance and help in learning how to communicate with my beloved Mochi ️️”

— Harry Zeng

gy healing workshop singapore

“Hi Amy, thank you for the 2 day’s course. I learned something that I am curious at and I have experience it. Thank you for the 2 days. I feel more closer with my dog(Peanut). 

— Vincent Lim


”I felt so fortunate to be able to learn under Amy. She is not only professional but also very humorous and humble. She shared a lot of her past experiences. And the class is very interactive. Would recommend Amy to anyone who wishes to learn about Animal 
Communicator and Energy healing ❤️

— Li Wee 2022

Amy Lim animal communication workshop1.jpg

“Wonderful experience at the Animal Communication and Energy Healing Workshop.

Amy's open and engaging style brings lots of fun and laughter to the class. I had learned lots that will definitely help me to understand and deepen my bond with my furry kid.

Thanks Amy for sharing your insights with us. 

— Shirley Yeo

y Lim animal communication workshop2.jpg.jpg
Animal Communication and energy healing workshop amylimhealing singapore

Hello Amy,


You are a talented & patience teacher which taught & guide the student well.

The lesson has taught me to find myself, heal myself, slow down my pace & find my inner peace which slowly open up my heart to the universe & not limited to my current & past pets. 


The connection to the nature world(Tree) really amazed me & let me feel the warm/cold energy within itself. I believe this is the part that start for me to break ice in my inner world & slowly feel the tension go down to the grounding. That moment, i feel lighter & relief but at the same time feeling hot too due to the weather.


Connection to my departed pets was somehow easy as though they are ready waiting for my connection. Before we eventually go deep, their image already appear in my mind & i know they are in an comfort world now without any sufferings with lots of friends up there too.


My pets & I seem to be much more closer & understand each other more.

They are contented & really appreciate that.


Lastly, the ending session of spreading positive vibes & good energy within the group just transmit to everyone of us just felt so great. Everything seem to be at the right place at that moment.



Truly thanks to Amy Lim for the guidance & coaching 

Donoven Lin

Went for the Animal communication workshop.
Thank you Amy for teaching us, I enjoyed myself & learnt many things. Amy was motivated us & kept giving us assurance. Ranging from hands-on to theory, Amy is very knowledgeable in this field.( she have many pets too!) She filled us up with many stories & examples for us to relate.

Thank you so much for your time! ❤️

En Yu 2022

Its a super valuable and fun course. im sure that our pets will benefit as much as us too. thank you for your unconditional teaching and sharing of your experiences. Cant wait for your next lesson with you. Looking forward!!!

Tan Shennna 2022

Animal Communication and energy healing workshop amylimhealing singapore
Animal Communication and energy healing workshop amylimhealing singapore

Attending Amy's animal communication workshop has been an enlightening journey. I'm deeply grateful for her unwavering sharing and guidance. Amy's instructed meditations offered an insightful interpretations that deepened our understanding on ourselves.


I truly believe that attending Amy's animal communication workshop is my spiritual calling, thanks to the opportunity given by universe 


This workshop marks just the beginning of my journey, and I'm excited to improve my communication skills further through practice.   

One of the highlights of this session was connecting with fellow pet-lovers (and their beloved pets), each radiating profound love for their pet companions was really heartwarming. 

Yvoone Wong

Animal Communication and energy healing workshop amylimhealing singapore

Amanda C

Amy is friendly and she's willing to share based on her experiences. After attended the sessions, I learnt to understand my pets much better and able to communicate more effectively. Highly recommended. Thanks Amy!

Animal Communication and energy healing workshop amylimhealing singapore


Amy is a lovely and wonderful teacher that makes lessons and workshops fun and interactive. There were many examples and stories cited to help participants relate to the topics that she is explaining about so that everyone understands and no one is left behind. The pace is just right and the lessons were captivating and interesting.

Animal Communication and energy healing workshop amylimhealing singapore

Allan Ling

.For Amy's Animal Communication & Energy Healing workshop last weekend; it was conducted rather spectacularly. The syllabus is organised, we learnt a lot and had fun together as well. There were also a lot of practical lessons as well as interesting stories shared by her decades of experience as an animal communicator and healer. Works for all types of animals; and even if you don't have any prior experience in spirituality. Highly recommended to attend

Animal Communication and energy healing workshop amylimhealing singapore

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