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Doswing Pendulum Reading

Dowsing is an ancient highly accurate tool in seeking divine guidances to find answers to our doubts, finding lost objects, treasures, water, people and animals.

Dowsing, especially Pendulum Dowsing, is a versatile tool for providing clear "Yes/No" answers, gauging the success rates of projects, and even identifying specific events. Pendulum Readings can be particularly useful in resolving doubts and aiding decision-making in various aspects of life, such as:

  • Health Issues: Guidance on medical decisions or understanding underlying health concerns.

  • Relationships: Insights into personal connections and advice on handling relationship challenges.

  • Love Life: Clarity on romantic matters and potential outcomes.

  • Work: Decision-making support in career-related questions.

  • New Ventures: Evaluating the success and viability of new business or personal endeavors.

  • Negative Energies: Identifying and addressing geographic stress or other negative influences in one's environment.

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Divination Services

Dowsing is an ancient divination art that has been used for thousands of years to find answers to the unknown. It can accurately indicate "Yes", "No", or "Maybe" in present events, but it is not a tool for forecasting future events.

Dowsing service can help you locate underground water sources, minerals, and other hidden objects. It can also be used to identify energy fields and ley lines, as well as to clear negative energies from a space. With the help of a skilled dowser, you can gain valuable insights and information that can benefit personal or professional life.


Amy has many years of experience in dowsing and has used this 

art to help people in various projects such as gold-hunting, business and health inquiries. Recently, she has been using her dowsing to help people find their lost pets and locate disharmony chakras and aura systems in people and pets for healing and wellness. 

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Our Dowsing Services

Dowsing is a powerful tool that can help you detect the energy flow in your home and improve your feng shui. It can also assist you in finding lost pets, identifying health issues, and answering your questions about love and career. With dowsing, you can make informed decisions and live a more balanced life.

Doswing for Good Luck

Dowsing for Home / Business Space Energy

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Dowsing is a powerful tool that can help you clear negative energy from your home or office. By using a pendulum or dowsing rods, you can locate areas of negative energy and then use various techniques to clear them. Whether you're looking to create a more peaceful harmonious environment or simply want to protect yourself from negative energy, dowsing can be an effective solution. Give it a try and see the difference it can make in space!

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Yes/No Dowsing an Answer

Dowsing for Answes

Distant session

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Dowsing is a short reading that is fast and accurate to help you understand your options and make decisions faster.

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Dowsing for your health issue

Dowsing for Health Issues

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Doswing can help detect body chakra imbalance by analyzing the energy flow in your body. By using advanced, Doswing can identify which chakras are blocked or overactive, and provide personalized recommendations to help balance your energy and improve your overall well-being. Withwing, you can take control of your health and achieve a more balanced and harmonious life.

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 Dowsing Healing

Dowsing Pendulum  Healing

Distant Session

For both human and Pets

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Pendulum healing services offer a unique approach to healing that involves the use of a pendulum to identify and address imbalances in the body's energy. Our experienced practitioners use this technique to help clients achieve a greater sense of balance and well-being. Whether you're dealing with physical pain, emotional stress, or simply a deeper connection to your inner self, pendulum healing may be just what you need to find relief and healing. Contact us today to learn more about our services schedule a session.

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Yes/No Dowsing an Answer

Dowsing for Pets

Distant session

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 Dowsing for animal health is a holistic approach to finding out what's best for your pets. By identifying food allergies, chakra blockages, and other issues, you can determine the most suitable foods, vitamins, minerals, and healing remedies for your furry friends. Give your pets the care they deserve with this unique and effective method.

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Map Dowsing

Dowsing for Lost Pet by Map

Distant Session

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Looking for a lost pet can be a stressful and emotional experience. Our map dowsing service can help ease that burden by providing an way to locate your friend.  It will narrow down an area for search but cannot tell the exact address.

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