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Soul Mate Reading

A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over life times. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.”-

Edgar Cayce


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Soul Mates Reading

It is believed by many that a lasting relationship can transcend lifetimes. Soul mates are often thought of as individuals or even pets that we have shared many lives with. This is because true love and our souls are said to be eternal.

Great news! You can now order a Soul-Mates Reading to discover your relationships with others and how to live in harmony with them. This reading can help you understand compatibility in relationships with parents, siblings, spouses, friends, and even pets. You can also find partners for business, work, and more. Order now to  find out how past lives relationships affect your current life.

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Soul-Mates Reading:  - To know your own soul signs, prediction on character, health, career, wealth, love and marriage.  - To understand compatibility relationship with others:, parents, siblings, spouses, friends and pets  -To find suitable partners, business partner, staffs, colleagues, maids, workers etc.
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Soul Mates Reading

Since Ancient times, all part of the world and cultures has their own astrology prediction based on planetary movement. The sun, moon and stars played an important part in influencing our life. Astrology consists of a number of belief systems which hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world. In the West, astrology most often consists of a system of horoscopes that claim to explain aspects of a person's personality and predict future events in their life based on the positions of the sun, moon, and other planetary objects at the time of their birth. Many cultures have attached importance to astronomical events.


Beside the 12 horoscope stars that are well-known to us, there are also 27 star constellations that complete the entire zodiac. Soul Mates Reading is based on ancient esoteric Vajrayana tradition to calculate our Soul signs. From this calculation, we can know our character, destiny, career, health condition, life challenges and also relationship with others. 


It is believes that each of us is born with a fixed star sign that symbolise and represent our soul sign. Each of us has a Soul sign amd this sign symbolise our soul and no matter how many lives you have lived, you still belong to that star sign. This is because our body will die but soul is eternal.


Many people that we met in our life journey has a connection related to our past lives. Some are harmony relationships that bring us joy and positive experience  but some are fatal attractions that caused us pain and suffering. Every one come to out life for a reason, we are all here to learn our life lessons. By understanding our past lives connection with these people, it helps us  understanding ourselves and others better, heal the relationships and re-shape our future. 


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Soulmate reading, relationship compartible reading by amylimhealing
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Do You Have Relationship Issues with People in Your Life?

Soul Mates Reading can help your find the answers why the relationship seems cannot work in a harmony way.

ave you wonder why you just like a person or an animal you just met? You feel the closure and happy to be with them. 


Have you ever feel ignored and unlike someone at first meeting? You feel uncomfortable and drain of energy when you with this person.


Have you wondered why a certain person keeps causing obstacles for you? Maybe this person is your loved one or your family member, you cannot disown them and you have to bear with their unsupported and irritable nature.


Have you met someone that you often mistreat, make use, dishonest and take advantage of them? No matter how much you ill treat him or her, the person never left you and remains supportive.


These are unexplainable but our feeling will never lie. Every contact has a past connection. This explains there are some connect in our past life that makes up relationship in this life.  As long as we live, we have relationship problems. It can be from family, husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, boss, colleagues, classmates and even your pets. By understanding your own Soul Star and relationship with others, can create a better understanding and nature of the kind of relationship. It will help you create more harmony ways to live with others.

Your Relationship with your pet


 Is it love at first sight or fatal attraction? Is you pet your Soul Mate? 


Some pets are so obedience and cause no problems for the household. Some even bring luck and love, and the whole household live in harmony after having them. This is because they are your creditor stars and are here to assist you.


Some pets are so mischievous and uncontrollable, just like debtors stars, they bite, chew every things, bark all day, family quarrel because of them and neighbours compliant and cause you stress.

Soul Pet Reading-Is your pet your soul mate

There are six kinds of Relationships in Soul Mates and Soulpet Readings

Our relationship with others begins the way where it ended in past life. Our loved ones, friends, colleagues and pets may have been our soul mates, good friends or enemies during past life connection, based on the karmic influence, the relationship will remains quite alike. Even though if the reading shown that the relationship is not a harmony types, the aims of getting a reading is to help you understand, accept, make it better so life will be less struggling. All readings are serve as  a guide and encourages treating it with light heart. We always have the power to change our destiny for the better.

Soulmate reading, relationship compartible reading by amylimhealing

Debtors or Creditors Relationship 

Find out is your partner play a role as a debtor or creditor in your life. If you have a friend, spouse or boss is your creditor, that means this life no matter how bad you treat them, they still will treat you well, respect you and listen to you.

If your partner is your debtor that means this person is coming to claim whatever you own him or her.  This type of relationship should not be in business partnership but it still can work out as in a marriage. Find out why and how to resolve the issue and ways to harmonise this type of relationship from a soulmate reading.

Blood Line Star

A Blood Line Star meaning your partner has blood line relationships in previous lives times. It can be your parents, siblings or relatives in previous life. These types of relationship usually are in harmony and seldom in conflict. Relationships will be more lasting. If you meet a friend who is your blood line star usually you will like each other and feel closeness in first meeting. Get a reading and understand how relationship affects you in this life.

Soulmate reading, relationship compartible reading by amylimhealing
Soulmate reading, relationship compartible reading by amylimhealing

Good Friend or Bad Company 

Is your friend, loved ones your good friends in past lives?  Learn to understand is this person really your sincere and real friend? Or he or she is just making use of you, cheat you or both your relationship is only based on material and fun. Does your friend always try to mislead you and cause your troubles all the times that means he or she may only be a superficial friend.


Helper or Rival

Some people in your life may come to repay you in this life; you will find them always help you unconditional and they will appear when you need help. But there are also some people will mislead you and disapprove you whatever you do, compete with you in every ways. Get a reading and learn how to deal with this kind of relationship.

Soulmate reading, relationship compartible reading by amylimhealing

Eternal Bone Star

You and your partner had passed away together in past lives in a situation such as suicide together, wars, accidents, illness and others tragedy. Both of you have mass buried together so you and your partner carried each other Bone Mass in the body. This is a Soul Mate Relationship and in every life times you reincarnated,  you will meet each other again and again in different bodies. This is the perfect relationship for a couple or a closed pet relationship. Normally this type of relationship will usually live in harmony with one another and last a life times.

Soulmate reading, relationship compartible reading by amylimhealing

Twin Flame Star

Twin Flame Star is like an identical twin that have many silmilar traits between two person. They have same interest, hobby, dreams and hopes and even physcial appearance may resemble each others.


In your life you will meet someone that both of you have identical interest or habit that is because both of you are born from the same star sign. Both of you may be in this life to learn life lessons together.

Get a reading to know whether your loved one or friend is your tein star.










Soulmate reading, relationship compartible reading by amylimhealing


Amy did a Soul Mate Reading for me.I was really shocked after reading her report.It's so accurate till almost all of the things stated, resembles me and my life. It reminds me my strength and weakness and the things I need to do to lead a smoother life and to enhance my luck.Thank you Amy, fir helping me to do this reading. I still can't believe how accurate the reading is. :-)

- Maureen , Singapore

Thanks for the reading. It's very much like me... I have a lot of inner fear of people leaving me or abandon me. Care too much about what other thinks of me... I tend to be overthinking too much till I forget to stop and get stuck in head. Yes, I have been wondering why I tend to freak out if there is huge responsibility placed on me. Now I understand... I value freedom more. and Love travelling so much!


Lot of people tend to dominate me, shamed me or used their authority in an unkind way. like they want to control my life. till to the point that I have been asking myself whether is there really something wrong with me.I met lot of toxic people who want to own me.. It's very depressing... LOL


The reading is so accurate that I will learnt to be more compassionate towards myself and other.

Yup, keep in touch. You are a very good healer!


Thank you Amy

-Summer, Singapore

The Soul Mate Reading is accurate as it describe me well and also some traits that I have never notices I had. I understand now why my mom had never appreciated me no matter what I do. Thank Amy, you bring me a peace of mind as I no more care why people don't appreciated my efforts. I will now live on loving myself.

- Mary, Malaysia 

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