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Find Lost Pet

Find Lost Pet Services

Divination can be a helpful tool to gain insight and guidance in finding your lost pet. 

Communicating with a lost pet during a stressful time can indeed be challenging and may add to the pet's anxiety. There are several reasons why direct communication might not be effective or advisable:

  1. Stress and Anxiety: Lost pets are often scared and anxious, which can make communication difficult. Stress can interfere with their ability to respond accurately or understand your messages.

  2. Limited Communication Ability: Pets, even when calm, may not be able to convey detailed information about their location. They may not understand or be able to communicate their surroundings in a way that is useful for locating them.

  3. Risk of Miscommunication: In a stressful situation, there is a higher risk of misinterpreting the pet's signals or responses. This can lead to confusion and potentially mislead search efforts.

  4. Distraction from Search Efforts: Attempting to communicate directly with a lost pet may take time and energy away from other effective search methods, such as posting flyers, contacting shelters, or using divination or dowsing techniques.​


IInstead, using methods like Mo Reading Divination, Distant Dowsing, and pendulum dowsing can provide insights into the pet's location and state without causing additional stress to the animal. These techniques rely on interpreting energy fields and divine messages, which can offer guidance on where to look for the lost pet.

Losing a beloved pet can be a devastating experience. Our lost pet services Mo Divination is a short reading, are here to help you narrow down your search and increase chances of finding your furry and feather friend.


We'll provide you with informations on whether your pet is safe, which direction to search, and which methods to use. We'll also include a prayer and blessing to keep your pet safe and bring them back home to you. Let us help you find your lost pet.​​

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Services to Assist You in Finding Your  Lost Pet:

Losing a pet can be a heart-wrenching experience. But with the help of divination services, you can increase your chances of finding your furry friend. Our experienced diviners use a variety of techniques to tap into the spiritual realm and locate lost pets. Don't give up hope - contact today to learn more about our services.

Amy utilizes Mo Reading Divination to assist individuals worldwide in locating lost pets, focusing on the critical 48-hour window known as the "golden hours" with a success rate of  above 70%. Beyond this period, success rates vary due to weakened energy forces. There is still hope for locating the pets after the 48 hours, Many happy pet owners have found their furry friends weeks and even months after they went missing. Don't lose hope, keep searching and spreading the word. Your beloved pet may still be out there waiting to be found.


There are also many underlying issues in locating a lost pet. The divination can help you have better insights of what to do.  The divination provides insights into search areas, methods, and potential outcomes, whether the pet will be found safely or has potentially found new caregivers.

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Amy utilizes Distant Dowsing techniques to locate lost pets globally. By providing an address and map, she can dowse remotely to narrow down the search, achieving an accuracy rate of 70% when using this method.


The most effective timeframe for this search is within the critical 48-hour period, known as the "golden hours." Success rates may vary after this period due to weakened energy forces, though there remains hope for locating the pets. Prior to dowsing via map,


Amy recommends a divination service to assess the likelihood of finding the pet. On-site Dowsing Rods are also employed to detect residual energy fields and trace the path traveled by the lost animal, further aiding in the search process.

find lost pet services amylimhealing singapore
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dowsing map for lost pet @amylimhealing


"Is your lost pet feeling stressed or anxious but can't communicate it to you? Pendulum dowsing can help detect their energy and answer your queries. With this technique, divine energy assists in understanding your lost pet's situation. Amy also provides comprehensive pendulum readings to better comprehend your pet's needs. Contact us today to learn more!"

Understand Find Lost Pet Service

Divination methods provide cardinal directions and environmental clues, guiding search efforts more effectively but not giving exact addresses.

It is a short reading to help you
narrow down your search,
You have to search yourself.
And the results depending on how you do your search.

Please note that the Energy Exchange Fee is applicable only for one-time services. If you require additional services, a new Energy Exchange Fee will be charged. Thank you for your understanding

Divination and Dowsing are energy works that are focused on the present moment. They can be effective for up to three days of searching, but it's important to keep in mind that things may change after that.

Readings provided by Amy are generated through Divine interpretation, and once the message is received, it is considered final. The Divine's plan may not always be fully understood by humans.

Please note that fees for services are required in advance and are strictly non-refundable.

Find Lost Pet Testimonials

find lost pet services testimonials amylimhealing


On behalf of Tiny’s human family, we extend our gratitude for the help you have extended to us in our search for our beloved cat. We lost Tiny on the evening of Chinese New Year and understandably we could not get your help immediately.


Nonetheless, we appreciate your prompt response to inform us that you were able to do a divination for Tiny on the 3rd day. It was comforting to know that Tiny is safe and that helped keep our spirits up in our continued search for Tiny.


Amy helped us narrow our search and the map dowsing carried out on the 16th day really kept us focused on the search area. 2 days later, in the early hours of the 18th day, we found Tiny. He is safe as communicated by Amy through the 4 divinations. Thank you Amy for keeping us focused on our search and for all your help to bring Tiny home.

-Tiny Human.

find lost pet services amylimhealing singapore

Lina Rahman

We were very skeptical of animal communicators. When we lost our precious Abang, our 1 year old cat, we went out searching for him for 3 days and sleepless nights. When a lady advised us to contact


Amy, once again we weren't sure but eventually we tried as we were getting very worried. Amy was calm and no hassles. She advised us later where to search for him and even advised us that Abang wasn't in the hands of an abuser.


With her advise, we head out early morning to search for him and found him less than 24 hours (In fact less than 12 hours!).Thank you Amy. You've made our life whole again. Yours Sincerely,Lina Rahman

find lost pet services testimonials amylimhealing


Would like to give a big shout out and thanks to Amy, for her swift help in finding my Lil precious. Thank you Amy!!

Amy did a divination and said that I'll be able to find her, she advised to look around areas where there's water like drains, and that Lil precious is still near the estate and was not around any people and is alone. 

Everything she said was spot on. I took a torch light to search the drains, going around the perimeter of the estate and that's where I found her. She was just in the drain OUTSIDE my home, and that no one would have seen her because the drain was covered up too.

Thank you so much Amy. You gave positivity and direction to owners and caregivers who otherwise would be very lost and distraught in situation like this. Most importantly, kitty was found swiftly, a very good thing as there's groups of large dogs around here too. Here she is having a good rest after her "adventure"

Oh yes, and Amy mentioned too that Lil precious wasn't afraid when I asked her to let her know there are dogs around the area, and that she was having fun, this was spot on as well. This is exactly the character of Lil precious, not afraid, and likes to play. 

Lil precious and me wishing you and all the animals love and safety.b

find lost pet services amylimhealing singapore

Dr Surya Kumar

Dear Amy,

I am writing to you to thank you for the help and hope you gave my family and I when we lost our cat on Saturday 17 May 2014.Through Randy Lim of CWS, we contacted you and you managed to assess that our cat Baby was not far from our home.


Although we did all we could to find her for the next few days, it was only on Wednesday 21 May that we found her.She was indeed only 2 houses away in a small drain hole.Thanks you very much for your help. You gave us hope and belief to not give up.I wish you all the best and please keep helping others in difficult situations.


find lost pet services amylimhealing singapore

Dushu's guardian Njoki

Thank you Amy for your work. I was able to find you with a google search for divinations to find lost pets, and messaged the whatsapp number. You were kind, quick and professional

even with the wide time zone gap between us. The map you shared gave me courage to ask to search the compound it was in, and the kind guard let me search several times. He was the

one who eventually found the kitten a few meters away from the point you had

demarcated. I am thrilled to be sharing good news about his being found, with

thanks to Amy and the other I go,. and encourage others who are searching to keep being hopeful and open for help

even when it feels a little unorthodox or not what you may be used to. Thank you

again Amy!

find lost pet services amylimhealing singapore

Kimm Family

Amy -- Ash just came home!!!

I can't help believing that your communication with him brought him back to us.  May be  coincidence, but I don't think so.

Thank you! Thank you!!  Thank you!!!

I am going to go love on Ash, but would like to discuss a reading (or ? - need your expertise) for our senior dog.

Our most heartfelt appreciation and highest respect,

Kimm and family USA

find lost pet services amylimhealing singapore

Winston's Owner

We have found Winston!

Thank you so much for your

guidance. He was 500km

away as you said! He is alive

and well but stolen by a

woman. He is now at home

with his owner. Blessings to

you xxx

find lost pet services testimonials amylimhealing

Coke' owner

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Amy for helping us find our senior dog., Coke, Our beloved Coket, who is deaf and partially blind, went missing, and we were devastated. Amy's guidance pointed us in the right direction—exactly 3 km south of our location. Following her advice, we set out on our motorbike the next day, and to our immense relief, we found our dog safe and sound.

Thank you, Amy, for your incredible service and for bringing our family back together. Your expertise and kindness made all the difference. We can't thank you enough!

find lost pet services testimonials amylimhealing

Mrs Chua 

We found the bird in the direction you indicated. Thank you. It was indeed rescued by a kind family as you indicated. Thank you very much 

find lost pet services testimonials amylimhealing


Amy --  We found Kimi under a car at carpark. We went towards north direction using the compass n there she was. Thanks so much for ur service. We really appreciate it- Kimi:s owner 

Kimi' owner

find lost pet services amylimhealing singapore

Ashley's S

Thanks Amy for helping us find our cat Chalky. He is already 12years. She told us he will not be home so fast a there is a delay. After weeks gone, we gave up hope and surprisingly he shown up after 3 weeks himself. Thanks. My husband and children are happy now. from Ashley. 

find lost pet services testimonials amylimhealing


Thanks Amy for her enthusiatic & positive divination for a lost cat named Baby. Baby is eventually found. Thank you. From Randy 

find lost pet services testimonials amylimhealing

Lydia Hanaka

I would like to Thank you Amy Lim for divination service locating my missing community cat named whisky. Without your direction advise we may not be possible to have her back. This is a very drama and stressful feeling for us. As she is a very dear and closed to us. I am sure I will recomment to other friends for your great service. Keep up the good works and cheers

find lost pet services testimonials amylimhealing

Benni' owner

Thank you Amy Lim for divination amd dowsing service find my missing furkid Benni. She works very fast and fast communication. She gave us the guidiance and also many tips of how to search a lost pet. We found him in less than 24 hours.

find lost pet services testimonials amylimhealing

Whiskey's Guardian

I would like to Thank you Amy Lim for divination service locating my missing community cat named whisky. Without your direction advise we may not be possible to have her back. This is a very drama and stressful feeling for us. As she is a very dear and closed to us. I am sure I will recomment to other friends for your great service. Keep up the good works and cheers

A liile thoughts about losting a Pet

Pets are cherished companions on our life journey, teaching us invaluable lessons about love and unconditional care.


They help us open our hearts to give and receive affection freely. The bond with animals is pure, rooted in unconditional love where expectations of returns do not exist.

At times, animals may choose to leave us, guiding us to become stronger individuals through their departure. Some pets may not wish to return to their current owner because both parties need to embark on new learning journeys separately.


Animals are like angels on Earth, accompanying us for a part of our journey before moving on. They may have a mission elsewhere to assist others in their own paths. Every experience occurs for a purpose and is for the highest good of all involved. It's important to cherish our loved ones while they are with us, appreciating the profound impact they have on our lives.

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