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Signs of Your Pet is Dying-Process of Natural Elements Breaking Down

Everything has a cycle and everything dies, including your pets. There are some signs and symptoms in a dying process but each of us experiences it in own unique way. This is a natural cycle of transition. There are many paths one can lead to the journey but all lead to the same destination.

Usually the dying process begins before actual death occurs. Death is the journey of ending the physical life and back to the spirit world. The journey may begin from one to three months for natural dying process. Some pets will go through the whole process, while some pets will only experience some of the symptoms and signs.

When the pet’s death is approaching, they begin to withdraw from the surrounding. The pet will begin to separate from the world, frequently go into hiding or choose a quite spot to sleep. Sleep takes up most of their times, sometimes they may sleep whole day but unable to sleep at night due to weak heart. Your pet temperament changed, may become more easily irritated or whining. She starts to have less interaction and play with family and other pets. Your pet may refuse touch due to uncomforted or pain when being touch. Your pet will spend most of the times sleeping and lost interest with all activities happen around her. For examples, she may not able to greet you at the door when you come home and uninterested to follow you around the house. Your pet organs deteriorated causing urine and defecate involuntarily which she never did before. Do not scold her, older pets feel as bad and lack of dignity for doing that.

When days are nearer to death, the body will do a wonderful job to dissolve the entire elements. This is the process of shutting down, to enable beautiful soul to transit. Over this process, there are signs and symptoms of dying and it will happen to all beings. Sometimes it will happen very fast and not obvious for us to notice it.

Earth element (flesh, bones, organs of smell and odours) dissolve When the body slow down, there is a reduced appetite and weight loss. You pet’s body begins to lose strength; she has difficulties getting up, walking or go for walk. She easily fell and knocks on things. Her hair lose lustrous and start to drop hair. She may have bumps and lumps on the body became itchier cause by dryness of skin. The once beautiful dark coat will become light and the light coat one become dark. She has lost weight, shrink in size and cheek sink. The teeth may drop and have dark stains. There will be more body odour and smell bad.

Water element (blood, water and organs of waste) dissolve

These signs usually happen one to two weeks before dying and it the time your pet start to sleep most of the time. There is less food and liquid intake as the body is prepare to shut down so enable soul transition. Your pets require less energy now and will not feel hungry and do not crave for foods like before. Some will become very thirsty due dry and sticky mouth and throat. As the body start to regulate the water element, nose will run, dribble more salvia, more discharges from eyes. Some will keep on vomiting and diarrheal. She cannot control their urine and more housebreaking happened. The hearing becomes distorted and will having difficult to hear you well. She became nervous, frustrated, easily agitated and angry. She become timid and more fearful of loud noises or fear of falling down. Her body often tremble and twitch, body sensations dwindle, alternating between pain and pleasure.

Fire element (warm, temperature, colouration, organs of sight and form) dissolve At this stage, the body temperature lowers and also the blood pressure drop, The mouth and nose dry up, the body become cold. a steamy heat may raises from the crown of the head and you may think your pet has fever. Your pet may become senile, forget to eat and drink or even forget the place to pass her urine and defecates, She may even forget you and her other family members. Your pet will not feel hungry at this stage because she can no longer digest foods. But need to provide her water by wetting her mouth frequently to her comfort.

Air element ( breath, organs of touch and sensation) dissolve

The breathing becomes irregular and getting harder and harder to breath. Your pet may gasp for breath and pan. Her eyes keep rolling upward and body become immobile. Your pet will sleep and dream more, and sometimes body will move involuntary during sleep. She may become unconscious and unaware of the surrounding. You will need to keep her as comfort as it can by giving more pillows and blankets. She will feel very cold as body temperature keep dropping and some will shiver. She will also feel more frighten and may scream and shout in pain. Your pet will become incontinent as there will be discharge from her private part; urine and poop come out bit by bit, a natural process for body to shut down. The breath become swallower and swallower, she will get harder to breath, than she may gasp for three big breaths, suddenly the breathing stop and your pet passed on.

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