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Energy Healing For Plants and Garden

Plants are living organisms and will also emitting auras that reflect their state of mind and health. Plants are intelligent beings and often will communicate to us, and we can communicate with them. Scientist studies shown that they will talk to other plants. Another study has shown that when they attune to a particular person (caretaker), they will maintain a bond with them, no matter how far away. These plants register ”knowing” not only when the person is returning to the plants, but when the person makes the decision to return.

They often will reflect the energy of their caretaker and environments. In Feng Shui observation, you will know how the energy of a place just by looking at the plants. Sending Healing Energies to plants is nothing new and always they respond very well to it. Amy has been communicating with trees and plants and often and sending healing energies to save plants. Energy Healing for plants can helps healthy growth, protection against environment stress and insects and promotes harmony.

If you need a Energy healing Session to save your plants, make them grow better ot to sense their energies, you can contact Amy for a session.

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